Madhya Pradesh: Organic farming is being done on paper, waste of 110 crores in the name of training to farmers

There are also allegations that Rs 110 crore received for training tribal farmers in the name of organic farming. That too got ruined. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is talking about promoting organic farming from every platform. But all is not well in Madhya Pradesh, which stands first in the country in organic farming.

In Balsgaon in West Nimar, the names of Shahid and Sadiq are recorded in the names of organic farmers in government files. Crores have been spent in government files on training of farmers like these, 4 private agencies were given the task in Madhya Pradesh. But when we asked Shahid whether he does organic farming or has he got any training, he said that we have never taken training, nor do organic farming. We put medicines and fertilizers in the fields. Sadiq also said that I did not take training, do not even do organic farming, we have not even seen how organic farming is done.

This is not just about one village, it is alleged that fake farmer groups have been formed in many tribal dominated villages. Certification is being taken and products are being exported. Many products like cotton, soybean are being supplied in the name of organic from districts like Khargone, Dhar, Jhabua, Barwani, Khandwa, Burhanpur, Dewas of Madhya Pradesh.

Bhagwanpura is also named in the list of organic farming. The former district Gangaram Solanki said that there is cotton, maize in our area. Here we put all the fertilizers and medicines. I roam all over Bhagwanpura, I know that organic farming is not done here. The influence of these institutions and companies can be gauged from the fact that despite the complaint in the Prime Minister’s Office and the letter of the Madhya Pradesh government, no response has been given so far. Khargone Deputy Director of Agriculture ML Chauhan said that we are waiting for his reply. We had asked that no information is being given about how much you have bought and sold. Next we will write to the government, then action will be taken.

Well, the Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA) is certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard from the center itself, the government’s answer is the same rote. Madhya Pradesh Agriculture Minister Kamal Patel said that this is in my cognizance, I have ordered an inquiry, whoever is guilty will take strict action, when I asked a question about fake training, Patel said that I will see myself and get it investigated too. I am

In 2020-21, 8 lakh 88 thousand 179 metric tonnes of organic food items were exported from India, i.e. export of Rs 7,078 crore, in which Madhya Pradesh’s share was 5 lakh metric tonnes, i.e. a business of Rs 2,683 crore.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has prepared a master plan towards natural and organic farming. Which has been implemented in Madhya Pradesh. In the first phase, farmers have been appealed to emphasize on natural and organic farming along with cow-based farming in 1-2 acres. The government is giving a grant of ₹ 900 per month to the farmer for rearing the cow. First of all, it has been decided to do chemical free farming on the banks of river Narmada. All these districts are on the banks of Narmada, where according to many farmers, organic farming is being done on paper only.

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