Lucknow: After the death of 2 people due to diarrhea, the administration woke up, doing this work with door to door survey

Report: Anjali Singh Rajput

Lucknow. These days in Fatehpur village of Aliganj Sector-B of Lucknow, the capital of UP, there is an uproar due to diarrhea. There have been two deaths here during the last three days. Apart from this, hundreds of people are sick. After two deaths, there is huge resentment among the people against the administration. In view of the increasing anger of the people, on Wednesday, the District Officer, Local MLA, DG Health and Municipal Commissioner reached this area and took stock of the entire area and assured the people that both the water line and the sewer line should be repaired soon. will be given.

At the same time, the local people allege that there is leakage of both the water line and the sewer line for the last several years. Often dirty water comes, which has been complained about many times, but till date nothing has happened. Now if the sewer line and water line is not changed in this area, then no officer will be allowed to enter this area. Apart from this, there will be a fierce demonstration outside the departments.

this is the whole matter
Fatehpur village is situated in Sector B of Aliganj. Many families live in this village. During the last three days in this area, a 60-year-old elderly and a one-year-old girl child have died due to vomiting, diarrhea. Since then there is a lot of resentment among the people. Local people allege that both the sewer line and the water line have got mixed together due to leakage. People are falling ill because of drinking the same dirty water and the two deaths that have taken place are also due to drinking this dirty water.

Municipal Corporation and Health Department team deployed
In this entire area, four tankers have been erected by the Municipal Corporation for the people of clean water. Apart from this, the entire area is being cleaned. The water line and sewer line of the people have also been checked by doing door to door survey. On the other hand, a panel of doctors has been deployed by the Health Department in Indira Park, which is giving immediate treatment to the patients coming there.

what the officials say
On this whole matter, Municipal Commissioner Inderjit Singh said that some people had illegally cut the water connection from the main pipeline, which was leaking from somewhere. Because of that dirty water has reached people’s homes and this problem has come to the fore. He says that the water line and sewer line are being changed by the Municipal Corporation. It will be rectified soon, till then four tankers have been deployed in the area, which has completely clean water. Apart from this, the entire area is being cleaned. Door to door survey is being done. The municipal corporation is also cleaning the tank at people’s house.

Director General Health Department Dr. Lilly Singh said that orders have been given to the team of Health Department to provide all possible treatment to the people. Orders have also been given to the CMO. There are also Asha workers who are doing the work of going to the homes of the people who are sick and taking them to the hospital.

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