‘Let it go to Guwahati… Can I also become CM by helping flood victims?’… People laughed at Eknath Shinde’s question about innocent girl

Mumbai:‘Shinde uncle, will you take me to Guwahati during Diwali vacation? You helped the flood victims there. If I also help the flood victims by going into the water, can I also become the Chief Minister? A little girl asked this innocent question to Maharashtra CM Eknath Shinde. In this video viral on social media, everyone is seen laughing at the girl’s talk.

The style of a girl who reached Eknath Shinde’s Nandanvan bungalow in Mumbai won everyone’s heart. The name of the girl child living in Ratnagiri is Annada Damre. In the viral video, the girl is seen asking a question to Shinde. After going to Guwahati, the girl asked if she too could become CM by helping the flood victims. At this Shinde smiled and nodded, while the others started laughing.

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Chief Minister Shinde also asked the girl about her desire to visit the famous Kamakhya Devi temple in Guwahati, to which the girl replied saying yes. The Uddhav Thackeray-led Shiv Sena in Maharashtra split a few weeks ago with 40 MLAs joining the Eknath Shinde-led faction.

In fact, last month itself, Eknath Shinde had rebelled against Shiv Sena. He left for Surat and then Guwahati with 40 MLAs. During this, financial help was also given by the Shinde faction to deal with the tragedy of the floods in Guwahati. After this Shinde returned to Maharashtra and became the CM after the change of power.
Eknath Shinde: Maharashtra CM Eknath Shinde reached Delhi at midnight, discussed from cabinet split to rebellion of Shiv Sena MPs
After the rebellion of Shiv Sena MLAs led by CM Eknath Shinde, now the MPs are also in the mood of rebellion. According to a Shiv Sena MP from Maharashtra, at least 12 MPs will form a separate faction in the Lok Sabha. The rebel MP can hold a press conference with Shinde. At the same time, Shinde’s visit to Delhi is also being considered important from the point of view of discussion on cabinet division.

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