‘Latke-Jhatke’ colloquial language, why should I apologize?… Ajay Rai is not ready to bow down on Smriti Irani’s statement

Chandauli: Congress leader Ajay Rai, who made indecent remarks on Union Minister Smriti Irani, has stuck to his point. On Tuesday, he said that he would not apologize for his statement because whatever he said was his colloquial language. If he didn’t say something wrong then why apologise. Rai had said about Smriti Irani that she comes to her parliamentary constituency Amethi and leaves after showing ‘latke-jhatke’. Irani also hit back at this and called Ajay Rai anti-women without naming him.

what is the whole matter
In fact, former Congress MLA Ajay Rai had attacked Union Minister Smriti Irani in the past and said that she comes to her parliamentary constituency Amethi and leaves with a limp. The people of Amethi did not get anything during his tenure. Saying this, Rai claimed that many members of the Gandhi family had served Amethi and the family would not move from there. Rahul Gandhi will contest from Amethi on the injury of Danke and win.

In this, a controversy arose over Ajay Rai’s jerky statement. BJP leaders opened a front against Ajay Rai. Smriti Irani also took a jibe at Rai over the attack on her. He tweeted and said, ‘Heard Rahul Gandhi ji, you have announced to contest from Amethi in 2024 in an indecent manner from one of your provincial leaders. So can I take it for sure that you will contest from Amethi? Will you not run to the second seat? Will you be afraid?’ He further wrote that you and mummyji need to get a new speech writer for your anti women goons.

Ajay Rai refused to apologize
There has been a ruckus on Ajay Rai’s statement but he is not ready to apologize on this. He made it clear on Tuesday that he has not said anything unparliamentary. Rai said, ‘It is said colloquially in our place that the brother is speaking very loosely. We have such a language here. He said, ‘I did not intend to insult anyone. This is our colloquialism, which means that someone suddenly appears and says something and then disappears. This is not unparliamentary language so why should I apologise?’ Hitting back at Smriti Irani, Ajay Rai said that I have not used unparliamentary language in any way. The public is searching for you and your address is not known.


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