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WordPress Blogging Ke Liye Best Kyu Hai: Friends, if you also want to make a blog of your own, then we will give you wordpress But I recommend you to create your own blog. Because there are many reasons for this, which we are going to tell through this article today. by which you will know that WordPress Blogging Ke Liye Best Kyu Hai.

Nowadays everyone chooses WordPress to make their blog or website just like us. That’s why we are going to tell you in this post today. What is wordpress? And why is wordpress best for blogging. Also what is the history of WordPress? To explain in detail about .

WordPress Blogging Ke Liye Best Kyu Hai?

why wordpress is best for blogging Before we know this we know that What is wordpress?

What is WordPress

wordpress It is used to create a website, it is a content management system ie CMS which is absolutely free. just you one Domain And web hosting is needed.

The website created in WordPress has a very easy user interface, so that everyone can easily create their own blog or website.

To make a website in wordpress you need CSS And HTML Coding is not required. In this, you get many free WordPress themes and plugins, so that you can easily design and manage your website.

to wordpress PHP And MySQL It is a free open source software program. any web Server That is, it gets installed on Hosting.

If you want to change the design of your blog, then you can make your blog even more beautiful by installing a new theme in a few minutes.

According to a website survey, about 35% of the world’s websites use WordPress. The share of wordpress in all CMS (content management system) is around 61.8% which is Joomla, Drupal, shopify, Wix, Blogger, Magento More than.

So let’s know that you can create such a website with wordpress. And Why is wordpress best for blogging?

Which type of website can be created with wordpress?

You can create different types of websites or blogs with WordPress – so let us get to know them too.

  • Blog
  • Personal Website
  • Job Portal
  • News Website
  • Affiliate Website
  • Forum
  • Wiki Website
  • Shopping Site
  • Static Website
  • Business Website
  • School/ College website
  • Social Network Site
  • Directory Website
  • Photo Gallery
  • Coupon Website
  • eCommerce site
  • Digital Marketing Site

Apart from this, all the websites you see on the Internet. You can create all those websites with the help of wordpress.

Friends, you have come to know that apart from blogging, which website can we design with the help of WordPress.

now know that WordPress Blogging Ke Liye Best Kyu Hai?

Why WordPress is Best for Blogging – Features of WordPress

The main reasons why wordpress is best for blogging are as follows.

WordPress Special Features

In WordPress, it is at number one in comparison to all CMS today due to many times more special features than other platforms like Blogger. That’s why today we are going to tell you about the same WordPress special features, with the help of which you can create your blog with the help of WordPress. Blog Rank in Google can do.

Free CMS

As we have told you earlier that this is a free CMS {content management system}. Apart from this, you were also told that with the help of WordPress, you can easily create different types of high quality websites. That is why it is nothing less than a boon for blogging.

Friends, this is an open source platform which is absolutely free like and To create a blog on WordPress, you only need a web hosting i.e. a web server. You have to install WordPress on this web server. And you do not have to pay any charge for installing WordPress.

In a wordpress/blog website you only need domain and good hosting. WordPress is absolutely free.

If you want to buy a good web hosting for blog website then definitely read this :- Which to buy and where to buy web hosting?

Apart from this, to know how much it costs to create a wordpress blog, read this :- How much does it cost to build a blog website?

wordpress Free Themes

On WordPress, you get millions of seo friendly and responsive themes, with the help of which you can easily create a professional website from blogging website. You do not have to wander here and there to find any theme. Just search the name of your theme and install it.

You can easily change the theme whenever you want. If you are running a theme on WordPress, then you can go to any theme by taking a backup of it. If you do not like the theme, then you can restore the backup by installing the same theme again.

You also get google Adsense approval easily on wordpress because on this platform you get adsense friendly theme. Which helps you in adsense approval.

If you want to know the theme of any wordpress website, then definitely read this :- how to find theme of any wordpress website

WordPress Free Plugins

For your information, let me tell you that there are about 48000+ free plugins available in wordpress, which you can do for free on your blog, Contact, Newsletter, AMP, Social Share, Ad Inserter, and many more. did the coding.

On WordPress, you also get free to premium ie paid plugins which help you a lot in blogging.

WordPress SEO Friendly

You can do SEO (Search Engine Optimization) of WordPress website very easily, so that you can easily write an SEO friendly blog post. Apart from this, for doing SEO, you Yoast SEO Plugins can also use.

if you Yoast Seo Plugin If you want to setup properly then you must read this article :- How To Setup Yoast Seo Plugin

High Quality Content

With the help of wordpress you can High Quality Blog post can write easily

User Management

It is not necessary that you do blogging alone on wordpress. You can also give access to your site to your team. As much as you want to give. You can create any number of authors for your blog, that too for absolutely free.

support Forum

The answer to why blogging is best on wordpress is that the support forum of wordpress is very good, with the help of which you can easily find and solve any problem.

How to use WordPress – How To Use WordPress In Hindi

It is very easy to use wordpress. With the help of WordPress, you can also show photos, text and videos on your blog. The user interface of WordPress was very simple, so that everyone can easily manage it and create any blog according to their own.

In WordPress, you can place Widget, Photos, URL, and Banner at any place according to you. In this, you can also apply ADS properly with the help of plugins, due to which your revenue can also increase a lot.

Header: In WordPress, you get a chance to choose your favorite header. You can change from the background to the color of the header. You can also show ads in the header. Apart from this, you can adjust your logo as per your wish. You can also enable menu and search option in the header.

URL Change : WordPress is best for blogging because you can change the URL of any post and page according to it. Apart from this, you can also save your blog from being hacked by changing your Wp-admin URL which is default. You do not get this feature in Blogger.

Widget: You can place the WordPress widget in the Sidebar or Footer according to you. You can easily place Prodcast, Image, Video, DMCA, and Adsense Ads in any widget.

Footer: In the footer of wordpress, you can show widget, about, or your important page according to you. Apart from this, you can also show your category in Footer. You can change the background of the footer whenever you want.

Font Size : The advantage of blogging on WordPress is that you can easily change the font size and font language of your blog.

Sidebar: You can still change the sidebar of wordpress blog as per your wish and make it responsive.

Home Page : With the help of wordpress, you can easily build your home page and you can easily set any page as your home page.

Page Builder : In WordPress, you can easily design a great page with the help of Elementor, Beaver Builder, Visual Composer, and tagdiv. Which the user will like very much.

Conclusion – WordPress is great for blogging or not

If you want to sell digital product online, then you can easily take your business forward by building an ecommerce website on WordPress. You get many ecommerce themes on wordpress, it is quite great.

So friends, we have given you today’s article WordPress Blogging Ke Liye Best Kyu Hai I have told that Why wordpress is best for blogging, If you have any question related to this post, then you can ask us in the comment box below.

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