Khadya Suraksha Yojana : 19 lakh people will get wheat for ration, the state government will pay the expenditure, a new category will be formed for 5 lakhs

Hello, all of you readers are welcome in this article of ours. Today’s article is going to be very special. Because through this article, today we are going to discuss a very important topic with all of you readers.

If we talk about that topic, then this topic is food security plan. For your information, let us tell you that till now the number of people applying under the Food Security Scheme has reached lakhs and they have not been approved yet.

All the information related to this is going to be shared with all of you through this article of ours. For this it is important that you must read this article of ours till the end. Because through this article we have provided information related to food security scheme.

What is Food Security Scheme?

In the name of Food Security Scheme, an explanation is being received that it is a food related scheme. Under this scheme, wheat and other grains like rice are going to be provided to the beneficiaries at very low prices.

So far about 19.57 lakh people have applied under this scheme. But the number of beneficiaries was ensured under this scheme which was around 15 lakhs.

For your information, let us inform you that the state government will now create a new category to add a new name to the food security scheme. In which such people are going to be included who were given financial assistance through the coronavirus car.

But it has not been decided yet. This is being told as per the information provided as per all the media reports. But all the information related to it will be presented to everyone through the CM level.

Know who will be included in the second category:-

If we talk about the second category to be created under this scheme, then those people who were given financial assistance by the government during the Corona period will be included in it. At present, the state government had announced in the budget to provide wheat to 1000000 new people by connecting them with the scheme.

But since the portal of application has been opened for this, since then some 19.57 lakh people have applied. But one thing that we have already given you the clarification that the applications made under this scheme have not been approved yet.

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How many new people will be added :-

For your information, make you aware that according to the limit fixed by the central government till now, the state government will provide benefits under this scheme by adding only 1500000 people.

In such a situation, now a new category will be created for about 500000 people. Talking about the expenditure for this, the state government will also provide its expenditure.

Names will be added as follows:-

If we talk about new names to be added under this scheme, 19,57,993 applications were made for it in 32 categories. Of course, the number of applicants is very high.

It has been a total of 3 months since this portal was closed, but due to no final decision yet, the scrutiny of applications has not been done. According to the information, its file was also sent to the Finance Department but it returned it.

Know the condition of Rajasthan :-

At present, wheat is going to be provided to a total of 4.46 crore people in Rajasthan. Because the vote was fixed for it. In which all about 4.26 crores are being provided the benefit of this scheme.

64 lakh people excluded from food security scheme :-

The government has started preparations to include people in the food security scheme. On the other hand, till now about 6400000 people of the state have been expelled from the fertilizer security scheme. So far, about 83000 government employees have also been laid off. The number of people who have themselves removed their names is 1.97% lakh. According to the information received, people having two wheelers in it will be expelled, for which investigation is being done.

More than one lakh applicants in four districts along with Jaipur :-

Along with Jaipur, more than 100000 applications in 4 districts were earmarked for getting names included in the food security scheme. More than 85% of the applicants belong to rural areas.

In rural areas, most of the forms have come from the small farmers category. In the city areas, workers are the most. 65184 applications have been received in Ajmer, 86979 in Alwar, 40723 in Banswara, 28276 in Baran, 112572 in Barmer, 85294 in Bharatpur, 84148 in Bhilwara, 75026 in Bikaner, 41842 in Bundi.

Know what the Food Minister, Pratap Singh Khachariyawas said :-

In this situation, Food Minister Pratap Singh Khachariyawas has said that “A category can also be created for the people to whom the state government has provided financial help during the Corona period. We want to give wheat to all the applications that have come. Because he is needy, that’s why he has applied. Decision will be taken at CM level.”

conclusion :-

Today, through this article of ours, we have provided you a lot of basic information related to food security scheme. We hope that you have liked all the information provided by us very much. If you want to ask us any question or want to give any suggestion to us, then you can easily do the work by commenting.

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