Kate Winslet was terrified of James Cameron! She was a victim of this disease during the shooting of ‘Titanic’

Mumbai: James Cameron Amazing perfectionist filmmaker. The 1997 film ‘Titanic’ was shown on screen so beautifully, which people still remember. Seeing the beauty of the actress Kate Winslet of this film, people remembered the beautiful veteran actress Madhubala of Hindi cinema. The success of the film ‘Titanic’ made Kate’s name famous all over the world. It is said that Cameron did not easily cast Kate in this film. James was approached several times and got the film, but while working, he started getting scared of Cameron.

James Cameron fights his life for each and every scene of his film. He himself also works hard and gets his entire team to do the same. Working with such a perfectionist is not even in everyone’s capacity. The same happened with Kate Winslet 25 years ago. To make ‘Titanic’ film based on the real story, Cameron had spent money like water and worked hard to bring life to every scene and also got the actors done.

Kate Winslet was scared of James screaming
It is said that while filming the scene of his film, James Cameron expects perfection in every shot, when this does not happen, he screams a lot. Because of this, Kate Winslet lived in awe during the shooting of ‘Titanic’. According to media reports, Kate was so scared that she had thought that she would not work with Cameron further. During the shooting, the bones of three stuntmen were broken. Many left the film midway out of fear.

Making of Titanic: James Cameron’s film ‘Titanic’ completes 25 years. (PC: instagram@titanicmovie)

kate winslet had hypothermia
Many crew members and actors fell ill while shooting ‘Titanic’ for hours in the water. The film’s lead actress Kate Winslet had hypothermia due to shooting underwater in the bitter cold. Not only this, due to spending many hours in water during the climax, the actress also got pneumonia. You are all aware of pneumonia, but let us tell you that hypothermia is such a disease, in which hypothermia occurs when the body’s temperature becomes below normal i.e. 98.6 to 95 degrees Fahrenheit. This happens because of cold water and cold weather. According to the doctors, the condition of fatigue and confusion remains in the body in this disease.

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25 years ago ‘Titanic’ rocked the world
But when the film ‘Titanic’ was released in the year 1997, its success and shower of awards made all the pain forgotten. James Cameron and Kate Winslet are still together.

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