Kaam Ki Baat: Know how to improve the performance of old smartphone

New Delhi. If your phone is old and you are troubled by its slow speed performance, then in some easy ways you can improve the performance of your phone. Your device has also become slow and you want to improve its performance, then we are going to tell you some such tips, which will make your device performance as before.

The best way to increase the performance of the phone is to reset the phone. However, this will take time to set up your smartphone. Once you reset your smartphone, you will notice a huge difference in its performance. Your apps will open faster than before, multi-tasking will be easier, and you’ll feel like the device you’re using isn’t out of date but just bought.

clear phone storage
Apart from this, it is necessary to keep the storage space of the phone clean for better performance, otherwise the system will slow down. To clear the phone’s storage, you should first check the remaining storage space in the settings section and if it is full, then your phone will slow down. In such a situation, you have to remove the unnecessary apps on your phone. Also you can delete app cache files. People usually have years of photos and videos on their phones, so they can delete some videos or photos to make up some storage space.

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check online backup
It is worth mentioning that before resetting your smartphone, make sure to save the ID and password of all the services. Also, check whether you have backed up all the data online or not. If you do not want to lose your data, be sure to double-check your backup location before deleting anything.

Close the Play Store.
Not only this, the performance of the phone can also be improved by turning off auto-update for apps in the Play Store. You can remove heavy graphic games from play store and close editing app, as it slows down your device.

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keep updating software
Apart from this, for better performance of the phone, it is important that you keep updating your software from time to time. Because, updating brings stability to the phone. Apart from this, sometimes you also get new features, which make the experience of your smartphone even better.

Use fewer widgets
For better performance of the phone, it is important that you use minimum widgets and avoid using live wallpapers, as they not only have some impact on the performance of your phone but also consume battery. If you don’t use Google Feed, you can disable that too.

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