Jio New Offer ₹ 399 with 330 GB data calling also free:-

If you are a jio sim user. And if you are also looking for low plan data then this information is for you. It is being said that a very good news from Jio company is coming out for Jio users. It is learned that a new type of recharge plan running for a complete cheap in ₹ 400 will be brought to the Jio user. In which it can prove to be very beneficial for all the consumers of Jio.

If you are thinking of installing a new broadband connection in your office, homes and hotels and other places, but you have also searched on it and found any company If you have done it and are tired of seeing the expensive plans of the company, then today I am going to tell you about such a connection which will solve your problem like internet speed and problem of expensive plan.

Recently, such a plan has come from Jio company that in Jio fiber broadband connection for just ₹ 400, you will get 3300 GB data which will run at full speed, it has been brought for Jio consumer.

What is Jio Fiber Plan:-

Ever since services like broadband WiFi connection have been provided in our country. There is a lot of improvement in the internet business of our country. Like running of internet at high speed, due to which it takes only seconds to do any diesel work. Many companies provide us with broadband connection, but the plan and speed of all are very different from each other.

One such connection is very popular in our country, which we know today as Jio Fiber. As I told you about its cheap plan above. In this, whatever this plan is in the price of ₹ 499, which is very popular. Most of the users use it. With this, the user is provided with unlimited data along with internet service running at a fast speed of about 30 Mbps. Along with this, the facility of unlimited calling is also provided.

On what basis and why will GST be charged in Jio Fiber:-

Friends, if you use Jio Fiber i.e. broadband connection of Jio company. And you take any plan for it. So you must know that you have to pay 18% GST along with the plan.

Let me explain you with an example:-

As Jio is a very popular plan of ₹ 399 which many Jio users of the country use it. So I would like to explain through this plan. If you take a plan of ₹ 399, then you will have to pay 18% GST along with it. Which according to ₹ 399 18% GST will be around 71.82 rupees. So overall you will have to pay around ₹ 471 to Jio company for this plan. And if you buy this plan by not paying GST, then you will get the benefit of 3300 GB data for just ₹ 399, which is considered to be a much cheaper and profitable deal than other company.

Jio has brought a new plan for its customers with 1GB validity for 28 days:-

As in the last few months, the rates of their recharge plans have increased. And along with this some new plans have also been brought, and changes have also been made in some plans. A big news is coming out for you that Jio is now going to give 1GB data for its customers with a validity of up to 28 days.

This new plan has been announced by Jio company through its website in the form of a message to its customers. This is Jio’s new recharge plan 209 plan. So let’s know about a popular recharge of ₹ 209 and what are the benefits of it.

What is ₹ 209 plan and its features:-

Jio has recently brought a very special new recharge plan for its customers, under which 1GB data will be provided every day to the customers through a recharge plan of ₹ 209, along with its validity for 28 days. That is to say, Jio will provide 28 GB data for its customers according to this ₹ 209 recharge plan and this prepaid recharge will also get benefits like unlimited calling process to make calls to any and anywhere network in the country. .

Not only this, under this prepaid recharge plan, you will also be provided with the provision of sending 100 sms every day for 28 days and under this, subscription of all the apps will also be made available by Jio.

Even let me inform you that the Jio company with all the same features has brought two recharge plans for its customers, in which 1GB data will be given every day, that plan is ₹ 149 and ₹ 179. Under this, the validity of 20 days will be available in 149. The same 179 will get a validity of 24 days.


As I told you about the new offer of Jio company through this article. In which what is Jio fiber plan, on what basis and why GST is charged in Jio fiber?, Which new plan has been announced by Jio for its consumers? And what is the new plan ₹ 209 plan announced by Jio and its features? Introduced you to all the news like etc. If you have any type of question then read the complete article to get the answer.

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