Japan: Unification Church distances itself from killing of Shinzo Abe, know what is the whole matter

Tokyo. The Unification Church on Monday admitted the mother of a man accused of killing former Japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe was its member, but is investigating media speculation that her donation may have angered her son, causing him to murdered Abe. Police said suspect Tetsuya Yamagami told investigators that he intended to kill Abe because of speculation about ties with the organization he was unhappy with. However, the police did not reveal the name of the organization.

Japanese media reports describing him as a religious organization said that his mother made a huge donation, which was probably the reason for her (mother’s) bankruptcy later. That’s why he was angry. Tomihiro Tanaka, the head of the Japan branch of the Unification Church, admitted at a news conference that she (the mother of the suspected killer) was a member, but declined to say anything specific about his donation. He generally believed that some people donated generously but no one was compelled to do so.

Shinzo Abe was shot and killed on July 8
Tanaka dismissed the media reports as speculation. “(We) are trying to understand how such hatred led to murder, it is complicated,” he said. He said that Abe is not a member of the church, but he may have addressed some programs of related organizations. Abe, one of Japan’s most influential leaders, was shot dead on July 8 while delivering a speech during an election rally.

Tetsuya Yamagami, a former member of the Japanese Navy arrested
The incident shocked people in Japan, considered one of the safest countries in the world, which has strict gun control laws. Minutes after Abe, 67, began his speech at Nara in the western part of the country, the assailant opened fire on Abe. Abe was airlifted to a hospital, but he was not breathing and his heart stopped. Police arrested Tetsuya Yamagami, a former member of the Japanese Navy, from the spot.

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