It will be easy to keep an eye on the online activities of children, use these apps

New Delhi: These days almost every class of people are present on the internet. From adults to children, everyone is taking advantage of the convenience of the Internet. Be it official work or studies, all the things are being done through the internet. This is the reason why it has become common to see mobile phones with children. Now, along with studies through the Internet, they do many things like playing games, using social media, and due to this many times children become victims of cybercrime.

In such a situation, it has become more important for the parents to keep an eye on the online activity of the children, so that it can be known whether they are being misled or abused by any third person. Let us also tell you what are the mobile apps for parents at present, through which they can find out what is the routine online activity of their children.

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Secure Teen Parental Control
Secure teens can use Parental Control to protect their kids and younger siblings from the dark side of the internet. This app gives the option to set the time limit of the smartphone. After which the phone will automatically lock after the set time is over. This app also records the online activity of the child. This app also allows parents and guardians to have remote access to the phone.

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Kids Place Parental Control Board
– This app lets you know who the child is calling and for how long.
When and for how long they stay online on social sites like Facebook-WhatsApp.
Through this app, parents can also create ‘White List’ and ‘Black List’ on children’s phones.
– This app provides the facility to restrict the use of different websites including YouTube, Google Play.
-This app can prove to be very helpful in studies on the Internet.
– This app is equipped with a unique feature called ‘Approved App’, under which parents can set the icon of only those apps on the homescreen of the phone.
Kids Place Parental Control Board also allows children to block new apps from installing new apps, making phone calls or sending SMS to friends, and downloading content from the Internet via Wi-Fi.

norton family control
With the help of this app, parents can see which website the child uses for how long.
Parents can restrict children’s access to social media, porn sites and webpages serving objectionable content.
Not only this, if the child is not trying to search the banned website with the help of proxy site, parents can also get the alert on their email.
It can prove to be very effective in keeping an eye on children’s call history, messages, social media notifications and apps downloaded from the Internet.

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