It is dangerous to scold children in front of others! Parents must know these things


Scolding or yelling at children can increase their mental stress.
Scolding in front of others reduces the self-confidence of children.

Parenting Tips: Every child’s childhood is full of fun and devilishness. In satanic, many times children do such acts, due to which they have to suffer. In such a situation, it is normal for parents to get angry or scolded. This behavior of the parents has a profound effect on the child. Especially when the child has been scolded in front of other people. Scolding children in public places can cause their mental pressure. Many times children shy away from going in front of others or start showing anger in front of everyone. Many children may also have to face mental disorder in such a situation. Let us know how scolding children in front of others can affect their mental health.

kids can be angry
Children’s mind is soft, they easily take any thing with their mind. Scolding a child in public can make him angry. according to the healthline Shouting at children can reduce children’s self-confidence. Being scolded especially in front of others can make the child stubborn and angry. The anger of the parents can spoil the mental health of the child.

tension can increase
There can be many types of mental disorders in a child, one of which is feeling more stressed. Due to excessive stress, changes in the behavior of the child are seen. Due to stress, the child does not talk openly with the parents. By scolding children in front of others, they feel insulted, due to which they start hiding things from their parents. This can be a major cause of stress.

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impact on physical health
Shouting at the child in front of others also affects the physical health of the child. The scolding of the child by the parents can make him physically week. Due to being physically week, children start stealing eyes from others and feel themselves emotionally and physically week. Sometimes children also fall ill due to stress.

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