Israel’s most dangerous weapon with the Indian Army against China, shoots 700 bullets in a minute

Tel AvivIndia’s North East is as beautiful as it is sensitive. The Indian Army is always ready on this part adjacent to the Chinese border. Arunachal Pradesh is the state where the deployment of the army is highest. The army is always stationed here with the entire Lav-Lashkar. The army’s deployment here has been further strengthened in the last one year. It has been equipped with new weapons and among these are the Negev light machine gun made of Israel. This weapon was received by the Indian Army only last year and now it has become an important part of it. Since its arrival, there has been a big increase in the strength of the army.

Launched in March 2012
In March 2012, the Israeli Weapons Industries announced the development of such light machine guns that could prove effective in all types of warfare. Its first glimpse was seen in that year’s Defense Expo in India and Aerospace Fair in Chile. The Negev is the only light machine gun in the world that can be used for semi-automatic mode and single bullet shooting. The Negev is also used by Israel’s Defense Forces. It is even more interesting that this machine gun is named after the Negev, a region in the south of Israel.
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weighs only eight kilos
Due to the semi-automatic firing, this machine gun can be easily used in combat situations including sudden attack, close attack. Even the enemy can be attacked because of the telescope installed in it. In automatic mode, this machine gun can fire more than 700 bullets in a minute.

This 8 kg machine gun can be fired from anywhere. Even from helicopters, tanks and naval ships, this machine gun can be fired. The gas regulator in it gives it extra power in difficult situations. Due to this feature, it can be operated even in dust and mud. Four types of safety features have also been provided in it so that there is no accidental firing. NATO forces are also using it.

Putin becoming junior partner of Xi Jinping, this news is of tension for India$121 million deal
In the year 2020, the Defense Ministry of India signed a deal with Israel for about $ 121 million. The deal with Israel Weapons Industries agreed to buy 16,479 Negev light machine guns. Before coming to India, this weapon has gone through many tests and tests. The Negev 7.62X51mm LMG is a combat weapon and is being used by many countries.

Its range is more as well as its destructive power is also very high. Defense experts have termed it as more dangerous than the rest of the rifles being used in the Indian forces. The decision to buy this LMG was taken in March 2020. Tensions started in Ladakh with China in May of the same year. After this tension, it was decided that it would be deployed on the LOC adjoining Pakistan and the LAC with China.


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