Is it normal to have swollen hands and feet during pregnancy? Know when to contact a doctor

Swelling During Pregnancy: Pregnancy is the most beautiful journey of a woman’s life, but it also brings with it some challenges. During pregnancy, women have to face many problems ranging from hair fall to pain and swelling in hands and feet. For the entire 9 months, women face many such problems, which not only affect their physical and mental health. Especially the swelling of hands and feet constantly troubles women. Sometimes this proves to be very troublesome for some women.

Indian Express According to the news of this, Dr Shefali Tyagi, a gynecologist at Motherhood Hospital in Sarajpur, Bangalore, has given necessary information about this situation. According to Dr Shefali Tyagi, the problem occurs when you find your hands or feet swollen. But, what is the situation when you should contact the doctor, he has told. Along with this, he has also given the reason for swelling in hands and feet.

Dr Shefali Tyagi says- ‘Your uterus expands in size, which puts pressure on the nerves in the lower half of your body. This obstructs blood circulation in the heart. It also leads to fluid retention in the veins, which can also enter the surrounding tissues. This can lead to swelling of hands and feet. According to doctors, there is swelling in hands and feet during pregnancy.

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She further adds that this condition is also called ‘physiological edema’ and it is common in the third trimester and also has its onset during this time. She says- ‘Swelling can increase with the day. Because, there is a risk of fluid accumulation in those parts of the body, which are located farthest from the heart. As the delivery date approaches, an increase in swelling is normal.

What to do to reduce swelling

Avoid going out in hot and humid weather.
Avoid standing for a long time, and massage the feet daily to maintain blood circulation.
When you lie down or sit, do not forget to put a pillow under your feet.
You should reduce the amount of your sodium i.e. salt, because the body needs more water during pregnancy.
Avoid taking caffeine as well, it can cause dehydration in the body. This can increase the problem of inflammation.

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