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every trader stock market He wants to make profits as soon as possible and hence he wants to do intraday trading from the very beginning., But is it right for a beginner trader (is intrada trading good for beginners in hindi).

In this article, we will talk about some of the traders’ picks which can make intraday trading difficult for most of the beginners and together we will talk about how you can make profits in day trading with the right understanding.,

Intraday trading involves buying and selling of stocks on the same day i.e. between the opening and closing of the stock market. Here our aim is not to invest but to earn profit. During this, one has to keep a close watch on the chart of the stock and the ups and downs in the stock.,We have to make decisions on the basis of ups and downs.

Intraday trading is a complicated and technical task for a new trader, so one should not do intraday trading without complete knowledge. of chart Intraday trading can be difficult and risky for you without understanding the trends.

to make this difficult Angel One is with you. angel one Provides intraday trading knowledge to new investors through its educational ventures Smart Money and Knowledge Center. Apart from this, you will also get information about all types of trading here. Should you do intraday trading or not? This Read this article completely to know.

intraday trading for beginners

Before indulging in any type of trading, you should have an idea about the maximum and minimum risk involved. There is a lot of buying and selling of stocks in intraday trading. Hence the risk is also high. The following aspects need to be taken care of by new investors before intraday trading.

1. Share Market Of instability

It is very important to know the reasons that make the stock market volatile. However, profit is made in intraday only due to the volatility of the market.

New investors should avoid trading immediately as soon as the market opens. After understanding the trend of the chart, one should predict what the market will be like in the next few minutes or hours. Market Of We should also be able to control our losses keeping in mind the volatility.

Stop loss controls losses to a great extent. So stop loss should be placed along with the order.

2. Learn How to Protect Your Capital

Along with making profit in intraday trading, the most basic and important thing is to keep your capital safe. This is the success of intraday trading with the least loss of our capital in case of negative returns.

Investors should do a loss assessment before trading intraday. It should be decided in advance that to what extent it is capable of taking risk in a stock. Even in the event of profit, you should decide the target in advance.

3. Know when new investors should stay away from the market

The most important thing that new investors should pay attention to is when not to do intraday trading. Three things are most important when trading. when to sell When to buy and when not to trade

New investors tend to take risky steps in the pursuit of making money fast. When there is uncontrolled volatility in the market, then at this time new investors should avoid intraday trading.

intraday trading tips

A beginner trader should trade with the following points in mind:

  • Practice with paper trading before starting intraday trading. This will not only bring experience, but also save you from the risk in capital.
  • Invest with small capital initially and increase the investment only after gaining experience.
  • To find out the possibilities in the stock market, gather information from the analysis of old data and make trading strategies based on that.
  • Set profit target before trade and also set stoploss, in this Do not make changes during the trade. Doing so can be risky.

Where to learn intraday trading?

New investors should always focus on resources to increase their knowledge. Here we will give you information about the best resource.

Click on Knowledge Center in Angel One’s website

This website provides educational material related to the stock market to new investors. Like ‘Knowledge Center’ which helps investors about intraday trading and making strategies.

Here are the mistakes that new investors can make in intraday trading. Apart from this, the tax levied on the trade has been told. The information you get from the ‘Knowledge Center’ helps you to differentiate yourself from the ordinary investor.


Visit the Angel One website and learn the terminology and techniques used in intraday trading. You will find all this in the ‘Knowledge Center’. Once you understand all the orders, you can easily calculate stop loss, create strategies. This knowledge is the stepping stone to your success in the stock market.


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