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New Intel Processor Branding Introduced: Intel, a renowned technology company that makes processors, is now introducing a new branding for its processors. Next year i.e. in 2023, the new Intel processor branding will replace the existing Intel Pentium and Celeron brandings. This new branding is going to replace the old branding which has been in use for almost 30 years. We have told you about this in detail here.

Intel processors to replace Pentium and Celeron branding in 2023

Intel is replacing the Intel processor Pentium and Celeron branding in 2023, with this new processor branding by Intel for future budget “essential” products. The main objective of this branding is to streamline all its branding and another objective will be to provide easy choices to the users while making purchases.

During the new branding, Intel processors will include multiple mobile processor families under its own brand name. However, there is no word yet on how Intel will split into low-end and mid-range PC processors.

If you do not know, then let us tell you that the first Pentium processor was introduced by Intel in 1993, which was introduced for high-end desktops. And a few years later, in 1998, the first Celeron processor was introduced by Intel. In fact, Celeron processors are used for affordable PCs and have low-end specs.

Intel’s Vice President Josh Newman, who is also Interim General Manager of Mobile Client Platforms, said in his statement that, “Intel is committed to driving innovation to benefit users, and our entry-level processor family is available at all prices.” PC standards have been the key to raising. score. The new Intel processor branding will simplify our offerings so that users can focus on choosing the right processor for their needs.

Intel also wants to focus on its high-end Intel Core, Intel Evo and Intel vPro brandings. After this change goes live, proper details on Intel’s brand structure may come out, what do you think about it, do let us know by commenting.

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