Indore Municipal Election Result 2022 Live: BJP dominates Indore, Mayor candidate Bhargava wins by over one lakh votes

08:46 PM, 17-Jul-2022

BJP’s Pushyamitra Bhargava won the election by 132956 votes.

06:05 PM, 17-Jul-2022

Supervisor SB Singh, Collector Manish Singh and DIG Rajesh Hingankar discussed the winning candidate Pushyamitra Bhargava.

Supervisor SB Singh, Collector Manish Singh and DIG Rajesh Hingankar discussed with the winning candidate Pushyamitra
– Photo : Amar Ujala

Supervisor SB Singh, Collector Manish Singh and DIG Rajesh Hingankar discussed the winning candidate Pushyamitra Bhargava.

05:38 PM, 17-Jul-2022

BJP candidate Munnalal Yadav wins

From Ward 27, BJP candidate Munnalal Yadav won by around 450 votes. There was a tussle.

05:25 PM, 17-Jul-2022

Pushyamitra Bhargava thanked the people of Indore by tweeting

Pushyamitra Bhargava wrote from his Twitter handle – Thank you Indore! I am grateful for giving my immense blessings and unlimited affection to Akinchit. I assure all of you that I will continue to work with determination to fulfill your every dream and fulfill your every aspiration. Earlier in another tweet, he wrote- ‘Golden age will bring, strong determination in mind. Will increase the pride of Indore, there will be more Jai-Jai!

05:23 PM, 17-Jul-2022

Results of eight city councils declared

The counting of votes for the urban body elections in Indore district was completed peacefully today. The results of the eight municipal councils of the district were also declared by the respective returning officers. The declared result information is as follows.

10 candidates of BJP and 5 candidates of Congress were victorious in Sanwer Municipal Council of the district. Similarly, in Depalpur, BJP has 7 Congress 6 and 2 Independents, Betma BJP 7 Congress 6 and 2 Independents, Gautampura 7 BJP and Congress 8, Hatod BJP 6, Congress 7 and 2 Independents. In Mahugaon, 10 candidates of BJP, 3 and 2 Independents of Congress, 9 of BJP in Manpur, 3 and 3 Independents of Congress and 12 candidates of BJP and 3 of Congress were victorious in Rau in Municipal Council.

05:16 PM, 17-Jul-2022

BJP’s mayoral candidate Pushyamitra Bhargava reached Nehru Stadium as soon as his victory was decided in Indore Municipal Corporation elections.

04:56 PM, 17-Jul-2022

Madhya Pradesh civic elections
– Photo : Amar Ujala

These veterans lost in Indore corporation elections

Preeti Golu Agnihotri

Chandu Rao Shinde

Chhote Yadav

04:07 PM, 17-Jul-2022

District – Indore (Rural)

City Council Name – Rau

BJP – 12

Congress – 3

Independent/Others- 0

City Council Name – Sanwer

BJP – 10

Congress – 4

Independent/Others – 1

City Council Name – Mahugaon

BJP – 10

Congress – 3

Independent/Others – 2

Name of Municipal Council – Manpur

BJP – 9

Congress – 3

Independent/Others – 3

Name of Municipal Council – Gautampura

BJP – 7

Congress – 8

Independent/Others – 0

City Council Name – Betma

BJP – 7

Congress – 6

Independent/Others – 2

City Council Name – Depalpur

BJP – 7

Congress – 6

Independent/Others – 2

City Council Name – Hatod

BJP – 6

Congress – 7

Independent/Others – 2

03:26 PM, 17-Jul-2022

their victory

Nandu Pahadia of Ward 47 has been declared the winner by 4847 votes.

Shikha Dubey BJP won from Ward 03

BJP Barkha Nitin Malu won from Ward 04

Ward 05 Niranjan Verma BJP won

Ward 06 – Sandhya Yadav BJP won

Ward 07 – Bhawna Manoj Mishra BJP won

Ward 08 Congress Anwar Dastak’s wife won

Vinitika Yadav Congress won from Ward 10

BJP’s Ashwini Shukla wins from Ward 14

Ward 21 Chintu Chokse won Congress

Raju Bhadauria Congress won from Ward 22

Nandu Pahadia won from Ward 47 by 4847 votes

Kanchan Gidwani of BJP won from Ward 66

Ward 70 India Raghuvanshi BJP won

Ward 77 Priyanka Chauhan BJP won

Prashant Badve BJP wins from Ward 80

Ward 81: Bablu Sharma won the election by 8656 votes.

Kamal Laddha BJP wins from Ward 83

02:58 PM, 17-Jul-2022

Mayor’s candidate Pushyamitra Bhargava reaches BJP office

Mayor’s candidate Pushyamitra Bhargava, who is nearing Indore victory, has reached the BJP office. He has been given a warm welcome.

02:58 PM, 17-Jul-2022

Lunch break at the counting site, counting halted for an hour

There has been a lunch break at the counting site in Indore. Due to which the counting of votes has been stalled for an hour.

02:29 PM, 17-Jul-2022

Congress leader Sajjan Verma’s nephew Abhay Verma is also on the verge of losing

Congress leader Sajjan Verma’s nephew Abhay Verma is also seen failing to save the seat.

01:48 PM, 17-Jul-2022

Raju Bhadauria of Congress leads in Indore’s most high-profile ward 22

In Indore’s most high-profile ward 22, Raju Bhadauria of Congress is leading over Chandu Shinde of BJP by over 1,408 votes.

01:46 PM, 17-Jul-2022

Special supporters of minister Usha Thakur lost

In Indore, Santosh Singh Gaur, a special supporter of Minister Usha Thakur, lost the election from Ward 10 Banganga. He was defeated by Bhallu Yadav’s daughter-in-law Vinitika Yadav. Usha Thakur herself was engaged day and night in this ward. Remember, it was Usha Thakur who defeated Bhallu Yadav in the 2003 assembly elections.

01:42 PM, 17-Jul-2022

Indore Municipal Corporation Election Latest Updates

  • BJP candidate Manoj Mishra leading by 576 votes in Ward 33
  • BJP candidate ahead by 700 votes in Ward 51
  • In Ward 85, Congress candidate Sachin Chauhan is leading by 50 votes.
  • Congress’s Kamlesh Pateria leading by 141 votes in Ward 26
  • Congress lead in Ward 20, 21, 22, 23 and 36
  • BJP’s Rajendra Rathore leading by 300 votes in Ward 32
  • BJP’s Mamta Joshi leading by 224 votes in Ward 38
  • BJP candidate leading by 73 votes from Ward 23
  • BJP leading by 29 votes in Ward 24
  • BJP’s Balmukund Soni leading by 1200 votes in Ward 31
  • BJP’s Kanchan Gidwani is leading by 900 votes from Ward 66.
  • In Ward 84, BJP candidate Gurjit Kaur is leading by 1100 votes.
  • In Ward 22, Congress candidate Raju Bhadauria is leading by 1100 votes.
  • BJP’s Kamal Laddha ahead in Ward 83.
  • Congress’s Seema Jitendra leading by 200 votes from Ward 76.
  • From Ward 3 BJP’s Shikha Dubey took lead over Congress’s Kavita Surana.
  • BJP’s Rakesh Solanki leading from Ward 35.
  • Munnalal Yadav of BJP leading from Ward 27.
  • From Ward 69, BJP’s Meeta Rathore is ahead of Congress’s Shikha Bhalika.
  • BJP’s Barkha Nitin Malu leading by 1700 votes from Ward 4

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