Indigo Karachi Landing: Indigo plane coming to India from Sharjah crashed, emergency landing in Karachi, Pakistan

Sharjah: Indian passenger airline IndiGo has made an emergency landing in Pakistan’s Karachi city due to a failure in its flight from Sharjah city of UAE to Hyderabad. It is being told that there was a fault in the engine of this aircraft, due to which it had to make an emergency landing. This is the second incident of an emergency landing of an Indian passenger plane in Karachi in the last two weeks.

According to Pakistani media, the engine of this plane going from Sharjah city of UAE to Hyderabad had failed. The pilot sought permission from Pakistan for emergency landing. After this the passenger plane was allowed to land in Karachi. Pakistani engineers are trying to correct the fault in this plane. Karachi airport officials have confirmed the landing of the Indian plane.

SpiceJet plane also had to land at Karachi airport

Earlier on July 5, a SpiceJet company plane going from India to Dubai city of UAE had to make an emergency landing at Karachi airport. SpiceJet’s SG-11 flight took off from Delhi to Dubai. Meanwhile, on the way, it was decided to make an emergency landing after discovering a technical flaw in the plane. There were more than 150 passengers on this plane. Later the company sent another plane to Karachi and the passengers were taken from there to Dubai. Engineers were sent from India and they fixed the plane, after which it could be returned.

SpiceJet had said that while the Boeing 737 MAX flight from Delhi to Dubai was in the air, the plane’s left tank started showing abnormal reduction in the amount of fuel. Thereafter the aircraft was diverted towards Karachi. Passengers sat in Pakistan for several hours and during this time they were given breakfast from Pakistan side. According to international rules, Pakistan cannot refuse an emergency landing of an aircraft.


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