Indigo Airline News: Will go on foot but will never board an Indigo plane… Why did LDF convenor Jayarajan in Kerala make such a statement

Thiruvananthapuram: Indigo airline has imposed a one-year ban on the travel of three people in connection with Kerala CM Pinarayi Vijayan’s plane dispute case. IndiGo banned LDF convener EP Jayarajan and two Youth Congress workers from traveling in its aircraft for a stipulated period. Reacting to this, Jayarajan said that he and his family will never travel in IndiGo planes. The company banned Jayarajan for manhandling the plane. Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan was also on board the same plane.

Significantly, on June 13, an IndiGo plane took off from Kannur in which Vijayan was also on board. Young Congress workers in the aircraft had raised slogans against the Chief Minister. As soon as the plane landed at the Thiruvananthapuram airport, Jayarajan, who was on board, allegedly pushed two protesters.

‘I’ll go on foot’
Jayarajan said, “Neither I nor my family will ever travel on IndiGo from now onwards. If needed, I will walk to my destination but will not travel by their (Indigo) planes.

Earlier in Jayarajan, he had denied being aware of any such action on the part of the airline. But later, in the afternoon, he told reporters that when he inquired about it, he got information that IndiGo has informed its branch here about the temporary travel ban.

Youth Congress workers also banned for two weeks
IndiGo has also imposed a two-week flight ban on two young Congress workers who raised slogans against Vijayan on the plane. Jayarajan claimed that he has not received any information from the airline about any such action so far.

Attacking the company, the LDF convener said that neither he nor his family will ever travel on IndiGo planes nationally or internationally. He said there are other airlines in the country which are more reputed and provide better service. Jayarajan also accused the airline of committing serious defaults. The company has not yet responded to their allegations.


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