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India’s Guinness Book of World Records | Guinness Book of World Record India in hindi

Guinness World Record is that record, under which a person from any corner of the earth, if talented, can register his name and make his name bright on the world stage. However, to register your name under it, you need to apply. Many people dream of getting their name registered under this world record, but under this only those people are able to register their name, who have world class talent and no one else can beat the person in that talent. Here special things related to this are being described.

what is guinness world record (W)hat is Guinness World Rrecord,

The Guinness World Records was started in the year 1958. This world record lasted till the year 1998 under the name of ‘The Guinness Book of Records’ and after that its name became ‘The Guinness Book of World Records’. It is a kind of record book, which is re-edited every year and new world records are included in it. Under this, records made by man and various natural records are included. This book itself has also made a world record, this book has won the title of ‘Best Selling Copyrighted Book of All Time’. This book has been published in 100 countries around the world in 23 different languages ​​for the last 63 years. Its international franchise has now also planned to start a museum and TV channel under its name. The records included in this include world records made by people from different places of the world.

History of Guinness World Records (G)uinness World Rrecord Hstory,

Guinness World Records have a very long history. On 10 November 1951, Sir Hugh Beaver, who was then the director of the Guinness Breweries Company, came to his mind that no such book has come in the world so far, which contains things related to world records. This read book Many questions can be answered in a moment like which is the fastest ‘game bird’ in Europe etc.

At the same time, Sir Hugh’s idea for the Guinness World Records book came into effect when Christopher Chataway, a Guinness employee, selected two friends from his university for the work. Both of his friends were running the ‘Fact Finding’ agency in London at this time. The names of both his friends were Norris and Ross McWhirter. Under the supervision of these two brothers, many records were collected and they were distributed among the people by publishing thousands of copies in the form of a book.

After this, the Guinness Book of World Records was established at 107, Fleet Street. The 198-page Guinness World Records book was first published from this location on 27 August 1955, and became a British bestseller during this year’s Christmas. The very next year this book was also published in America and sold 70,000 copies there. By this time the word ‘Guinness World Record’ had come to the common man’s tongue. This book made its own records under the sales of books. Under this record 100 million copies were sold in 37 languages ​​in 100 different countries.

Due to the sudden hit, this book also came in the eyes of many other light and they also wanted to publish it. After the success of this book, McVeter started editing it every year, and many new editions came out every year. After this a British TV show based on this book was also released, named Record Breaker. This TV show ran from the year 1998 to 2000 and became very popular among children.

Significance of Guinness World Records (G)uinness World Rrecords Important,

Being a world class institution, it is of international importance. Under this, the names of many such people are included, who have globally liked talent in themselves. Under this, by getting his name included through his talent, the person gets worldwide fame, which gives him a different identity. When a person registers his name under the Guinness World Records by a genius, he receives a certificate from this organization, which describes the title of the world record achieved by the person.

India’s Guinness World Records (G)uinness World Rrecords Iindia in hindi,

India has always made its name on the world stage. The names of many people of India are also included in this world record. Here India is being described under the Guinness World Records.

  • world’s longest turban A person from India has got the record of wearing the world’s longest turban. This record is in the name of Avtar Singh Mouni under Guinness World Records. The weight of this turban is 100 pounds and its length is 645 meters.
  • world’s shortest woman : The world’s shortest woman’s record is also in the name of India. This record is the name of 23-year-old Jyoti Ange. The height of this woman is 62.8 cm i.e. 2 feet 6 inches. This record was also in his name as ‘Tinyest Teenager’.
  • world long mustache The record of the world’s longest mustache is in the name of 58-year-old Ram Singh Chauhan in Jaipur, India. The length of his mustache is 14 feet. This record has been in his name since he was 32 years old.
  • The record for most Mahatma Gandhi to be in one place : Many children together in Kolkata Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi Giving getup of was collected at one place. A total of 484 children were included in this group of children.
  • world’s largest chapati India holds the record for making the largest chapati in the world. This chapati was made by Shri Jalaram Mandir Renovation Committee. This society is located in Jamnagar. The weight of this chapati was 145 kg.
  • Most taken self portraits India has made an amazing record even in the world of selfie. In the selfie ceremony organized by the Federal Institute of Science and Technology, all the staff and students together took selfies under 1000 frames in a minute. This campus is located near Angamaly, Kochi.
  • most expensive marriage The people of India are not behind even in the most expensive marriages around the world, although a lot is spent in any marriage here, but so much was spent in the marriage of the daughter of Lakshmi Mittal, the owner of the steel company, that this world record joined in. His daughter’s name is Vanisha Mittal, who is married to Amit Bhatia. In the year 2004, big Bollywood celebrities like Shahrukh Khan also attended their marriage. A total of $ 60 million was spent in this marriage.
  • world’s largest biryani 60 chefs worked together to make this biryani. Under this there was a total of 12,000 kg of rice and vegetables. It is also included in the Guinness World Records. Chicken Biryani Recipe Read here.
  • Record for fastest typing with nose There is such a wonderful record in the name of a man named Khurshid Hussain, which hardly goes to anyone else’s name, it is very difficult. This man holds the record for fastest typing on a computer with his nose. He typed 103 characters in a few seconds and registered his name in Guinness Records.
  • The record for skating from under a car : The record of skating the longest distance from under the car is also the name of a talented daughter of India. Shreya Rakesh Deshpande, 5, did a 48.1 meter long skating in 23 seconds from under 27 cars.
  • Record for most hugs in an hour Under a program organized in Andhra Pradesh, 2436 people made a record of hugging in one hour.
  • world’s smallest cow Kerala holds the record for being the smallest cow in the world. The name of this cow is Manikyam. The height of this cow is 61.5 cm i.e. the height of a dog.
  • Longest Single Dance Marathon: Kalamandalam Hemleta danced for 123 hours, 15 minutes at the Sangeet Natya Academy in Kerala.

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