Indian driver won lottery in UAE, won Rs 33 crore, became a millionaire overnight

Dubai: An Indian driver in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has won 1.5 crore dirhams (Rs 33 crore) in the weekly lottery. Ajay Ogula (31), who works for a jewelery company, bought two tickets for the first time ‘Emirates Draw EASY6’ . Currently working as a driver in a jewelery company, Ogula came to the UAE four years ago from his village in southern India.

Bought lottery ticket on the advice of the owner
‘Gulf News’ quoted Ogula as saying that during a discussion with my senior, I mentioned reading news about someone winning a substantial amount in the Emirates draw, to which my senior advised me to ‘ You keep wasting money here and there, why don’t you spend money on this.’ Following the advice of his employer, Ogula reportedly installed the Emirates Draw mobile app on his mobile phone and bought two lottery tickets.

Indians have become millionaires before
Earlier in October, another Indian worker in UAE got Rs 44 crore in the lottery. The Indian expatriate living in Dubai won a prize of 20 million dirhams in Big Ticket’s Raffle Draw Series 244 held in Abu Dhabi. In Indian currency, this amount is Rs 443993095. The name of the worker who won the lucky draw was Pradim KP Jebel. Pradeep hails from Kerala and works as a helper in a car company in Abu Dhabi. Pradeep, 24, had been buying lottery tickets for the last one year.


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