Indian Army: Recommendation to abolish Delta Force headquarters in Jammu, to reduce about 1.75 lakh soldiers in the coming years

New Delhi: Indian Army ,Indian ArmyThe process of restructuring is going on in ) and many studies have also been done on it at small and large level. According to sources, as part of the process of restructuring, it has been recommended to abolish the headquarters of Delta Force in Jammu. Apart from this, there have been many important changes in the deployment of soldiers. Especially after the tension started on the LAC in Eastern Ladakh two years ago, many of the soldiers engaged in counter terrorism were sent to the LAC.

There were three separate forces in Jammu under the 16th Corps of the Indian Army. Romeo Force which looks after the area of ​​Rajouri and Surankote. The Delta Force which looked after Doda and the surrounding areas and the Uniform Force which handled the responsibility of Udhamur and the surrounding area. When tension started on the LAC in Eastern Ladakh and heavy deployment started from the Chinese side, the Uniform Force was removed from the duty of counter terrorism and deployed in the LAC. The Uniform Force now came under 14th Corps. One battalion was also reduced from Romeo Force and sent to LAC. The deployment of a sector headquarters of Delta Force was also changed. Delda Force is currently looking after the areas of Doda, Kishtwar, Ramwan, Udhampur and Riyasa.

Need to increase reserve force on LAC

According to sources, stability has now come in many areas, that is, terrorism is almost over. Whereas on the other hand it was necessary to increase the reserve force on the LAC. So many soldiers were stationed there. An official said the army is deployed where it is needed. Therefore, now the idea of ​​ending the headquarters of Delta Force is being considered. Similarly, the study has been recommended to reduce the troops in many other places as well.

Indian army has 12 lakh 18 thousand soldiers
At present, the Indian Army is of 12 lakh 18 thousand soldiers. The log term plan is that out of this 1.75 lakhs have to be reduced. According to a senior official, steps are being taken in the direction of modernization of the army and technology is being used more. In April last year, the then CDS General Bipin Rawat had also informed the Standing Committee of Parliament about this. The Standing Committee was also informed about the “tooth to nail” ratio of the Army.

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Target to reduce one lakh soldiers
Tooth-to-tail ratio is the ratio between soldiers participating in military operations and those who deliver logistics to them. If the number of soldiers who do not participate in direct military action is high, then the number of soldiers required for actual military action will decrease. Therefore, if the number of soldiers required for military operations is to be kept more, then the tail will have to be reduced. On the question of the Standing Committee on how the tooth-to-tail ratio will be reduced, the CDS had said in an oral reply that the target is to reduce about one lakh soldiers in 3-4 years.


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