India in UNSC: India was highly praised in the United Nations, member countries praised for the chairmanship of the Security Council

United Nations: UN member states lauded India’s successful tenure as an elected non-permanent member of the Security Council and its productive presidency this month, saying it demonstrated the highest standards of multilateral diplomacy. India on December 1 for the second time in its two-year term as an elected member of the Council in 2021-22 UN Security Council (UNSC) assumed the monthly chairmanship. India had earlier assumed the presidency of the UNSC in August 2021.

India’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Ambassador Ruchira Kamboj highlighted the agenda of the Security Council at a briefing here on Thursday under India’s presidency for the month of December ahead of the recess week. Several UN member states, including the incoming members of the Security Council, lauded India’s leadership of the Council as President in December.

The United Nations Security Council is one of the six main parts of the United Nations. Its main task is to ensure peace and security around the world, apart from adding new members to the United Nations and the work related to changes in its charter is also part of the work of the Security Council. This council also sends peace missions to countries around the world and if military action is needed in any part of the world, it also implements it through the Security Council Resolution.

Like the United Nations, it was also established after the Second World War. The first meeting of the Security Council was held on 17 January 1946. The Security Council was weak for a long time due to the Cold War. But it played an important role during the Congo War and the Korean War. Apart from this, peace missions were also sent in many countries as per the need. The Security Council consists of 5 permanent and 10 non-permanent members. Non-permanent members are elected after every two years.


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