If you want to know the stomach inside then know the right time to eat food, Belly Fat will start decreasing rapidly

If you want to know the stomach inside then know the right time to eat food, Belly Fat will start decreasing rapidly

Eating Time For Weight Loss: By eating food at the right time, the stomach will come out inside.

special things

  • In this way the body weight will be reduced.
  • By eating at the right time, the stomach will also be inside.
  • Health will get benefits.

Belly Fat Loss: A protruding stomach has become a cause of concern for many people. Not being able to wear clothes of your choice and not looking fit is also a matter of concern. When weight loss is thought of, attention is paid to what you are eating in the diet and what is not. Also, it is also important to make sure what time you are eating. The timing of eating food also determines in many ways whether your body weight will be reduced or not. So let’s know what time you have to have breakfast, lunch and dinner in order to get the stomach inside and what is the right time to eat snacks.

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Time to eat in the stomach Right Time To Eat For Belly Fat Loss

Breakfast time

Many experts are of the opinion that the right time to have breakfast for weight loss is 7 in the morning. One should have breakfast from 7 am to 7:30 am. But, if you are one of those who do not wake up so early in the morning, then you should have breakfast for an hour after getting up. Due to this, the hunger hormones remain correct and the stomach also feels full for a long time.

lunch time

Many people have a habit that in order to lose weight and reduce belly, they skip lunch or start eating it. It not only shows adverse effect on your weight loss but can also prove to be bad for your health. Do not make the mistake of doing this and definitely have lunch. The right time to have lunch is between 12:30 to 1 pm. This helps in getting the increased belly fat inside.


Apart from people trying to lose weight, normal people should also avoid eating too late in the night. This causes damage to health and the digestion process is also not done properly, due to which problems related to stomach also start. Dinner should be taken at night from 6 to 7 pm. After this, it is important to avoid eating anything especially fried or cooked.

when to eat snacks

Eating snacks is also very important in a weight loss diet. Small hunger gets quenched by eating snacks and the body also gets adequate nutrition. For snacks, the time of 11 am, 3 pm and 9.30 pm is perfect.

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