If you want to get good and deep sleep at night then follow these simple Vastu tips


Pastel colors should be used in the bedroom.
Avoid doing grey, brown or gaudy colors in the bedroom.

Vastu Tips For Sound Sleep: Busy routine and changing lifestyle have made a profound impact on the health of all of us, the effect of which is also seen on our sleep. If you are not working and still you do not sleep properly or you keep tossing and turning throughout the night, then you are not the only person who feels like this. There are many people in this category, whose sleep is disturbed without any reason. Some people believe that stress or excessive work load creates problems in sleep, but do you know that Vastu Dosh can also be responsible for this somewhere? If you are also struggling with the problem of sleeplessness, then this article is for you. Resident of Bhopal Astrologer and Vastu Consultant Pandit Hitendra Kumar Sharma Telling Vastu tips to get good and deep sleep.

clean the bed

According to Vastu Shastra, if you are having trouble sleeping, then it is very important for your bed to be clean and tidy. Take special care that the sheets and blankets on your bed should not be scattered here and there. Fold them properly and keep them at an organized place. Your arranged bed plays an important role in getting you a sound and sound sleep.

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Change pillow cover from time to time

By using the same pillow continuously, the oil of our body and the sweat of our body stick to its cover, due to which many harmful bacteria are produced. Due to which our sleep can be disturbed. Keep changing pillow covers from time to time and can wash them and use them again.

always close the bathroom door

According to Vastu Shastra, if you have an attached bathroom in your bedroom, always keep its door closed. According to Vastu Shastra, the bathroom door should never be in the South-West direction. There are more chances of negativity increasing in our bedroom than the bathroom. Apart from this, always keep your bathroom neat and clean, as well as close the bathroom door after use.

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what is the color of the bedroom

According to Vastu Shastra, using pastel colors in the bedroom can be beneficial for you. These colors give comfort to your eyes. Like pink, green, yellow, cream color, soil color etc. At the same time, you should avoid doing gray, brown or gaudy colors in the bedroom.

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