If you go up, you can see God, this poem of Captain is going viral inside the plane

new Delhi: These days an announcement made inside the plane is becoming quite viral on social media. Those who recorded this announcement made in Hindi can also be heard laughing and now after going viral, a smile is blooming on the faces of the listeners. People are liking the lines of the poem recited in Hindi by the Captain of SpiceJet. Sharing the video on Twitter, Yatin wrote, “Good to hear, there should be information and greetings in our national language.” You also listen and read an excerpt from the poem recited inside the plane.

Departure to destination will be done in one and a half hour from now
and don’t smoke
Otherwise the consequences can be punishable
If we talk about the height then it will be a destination of 36 thousand feet.
Because if you go higher then maybe God can be seen
Today this plane will fly at a speed of 800 km per hour
And it will be very cold outside, and the temperature will be minus 45 degrees
If the weather is bad, tie your belt and rest
And if you have any requirement, feel free to disturb the crew
And do it within a little limit, otherwise it can become…
It is a request to all aircraft personnel please keep smiling
Refreshments are available to maintain the health of all of you.
Now talk to co-travellers, maybe the path will be easier
I’ll say goodbye to you, and there will be more during the last leg
Till then enjoy, the sky will be beautiful above the ground
bye Bye

People liked this poem so much on social media that some people even started adding further lines. One wrote, till then Namaste, Ram-Ram. Another wrote, Your captain will keep giving further information.


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