How to start plumbing business. Plumbing Business Plan in Hindi.

Do you know about plumbing business? How do you like a leaky faucet in your home? What will you do if the pipe that is installed from the roof above to drain the rain water bursts in the middle? Moreover, one day in the morning you run the motor to fill the tank on the roof above, and you realize that your motor is not able to fill the water in the tank, so what will you do? What will you do if there is no water in the taps despite the water in the roof tank being full?

There is only one answer to all these questions that you will call a plumber and tell him about your problem, and the plumber will come and fix it and take money from you. Yes, these days we keep facing such problems in our homes or other buildings, this is the reason why plumbers are also included in the maintenance team in commercial buildings.

But like companies or commercial buildings, not all can hire plumbers on a regular salary. In such a situation, they call a plumber only when they need a plumber to do some work. Plumber is required not only for repairing but also for fitting of water, pipes etc. in a house or building.

That’s why today we are talking about starting plumbing business in this article. But before that we try to know how this business can be started. First, let us know why doing this type of business is beneficial.

Plumbing Business How To Start

Why starting a plumbing business is beneficial?

At present, doing plumbing work can prove to be very beneficial, that is because there has been a lot of change in human living as compared to earlier. Today, even in rural India, people mostly build such houses where bathrooms and toilets are present inside the house. In such a situation, they also need water everywhere from kitchen to bathroom.

The work of pipe and water fitting in the house or building, building etc. is done by the plumber only. It is meant to say that where earlier the work of plumber was limited only to the cities, at present it has spread everywhere whether it is urban or rural.

Even earlier this work was looked at with disdain, but at present it has come in front of people as a very profitable business, so people do not hesitate to learn and do this work. As a plumber, you have to do work related to water, pipes, tap fittings, these include everything from installing a tank in the roof to laying water pipes to installing taps, toilet sheets etc. in the bathroom.

Apart from this, there is a great need for plumbers in houses and buildings built under various government schemes. Today, the kind of comfortable life a man wants, he builds his house according to the same and plumbers also play a supporting role somewhere in fulfilling the dream of this comfortable life.

How to start plumbing business (How to start plumbing business in India):

There is no doubt that at present there are many opportunities in the plumbing business. That is, if you are a good plumber, then in today’s era you can earn a lot. The special thing is that even in an average city you will have no shortage of plumbing work. And it is not even that if you are a plumber yourself then only you will be able to start plumbing business. Even if you are not a plumber, you can still start this business. How is that also you are going to know further in this article.

learn plumbing

If you are a plumber yourself, then starting this type of business is not a big deal for you. But if you are not a plumber but still want to start this business then you will first need to learn plumbing work. Even if you are looking to open a plumbing service company by hiring plumbers, you still need to know how to do plumbing work. Only then you will be able to run this business successfully.

You can start working with a plumber to learn plumbing. And if you want, you can also take training for a few days or months for this work. Unless you are aware of the strengths and weaknesses of this work, you will not be able to run this business successfully.

And there is no doubt that you will come to know about the strength and weaknesses of this work only after getting involved in this work. So don’t think that you are doing something that doesn’t hold a very good image in the eyes of people. But the same people will start talking positively about you when you are running your own plumbing service company and earning handsomely.

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Choose a Plumbing Business Model

You have learned the work of plumbing but now you have to choose its model to start this business. That is, you have to decide how you are thinking of starting this business, the first is that if you are thinking of starting it on a very small scale. So you have to get into the field to do the plumbing work yourself. Although this type of work is never the work of a man, for this the plumber has to keep an assistant with him.

Second, if you want to start it on a larger scale, you can start your own plumbing service company. That is, you can start a business of your own in which you provide plumbing service to your customers, in this you will have to associate many plumbers with you.

However, to open your own plumbing service company, you will need to register your business as well. And for that many more registrations like tax registration to trade license etc. will also be required.

And before starting your own plumbing service company, you must assess its demand in that area or city. Generally, this type of business can run successfully only in big metros.

Contact local builder contractors etc.

If you are doing plumbing business as an individual or by starting your own plumbing service company. In both cases, you have to maintain good contacts with the local builders located in that area ie those who construct buildings etc. and the contractors who take contracts for various private and government works.

Because most of the work of plumbing is done in new buildings, where they are required to do many types of fittings from laying pipelines in many parts of houses and buildings to bathrooms, toilets, etc.

Apart from this, keep in touch with the building and building engineers, masons etc. People working in the building and building can help you get the work done.

Provide services by visiting people’s homes

People in residential areas also sometimes require plumbers. Therefore, if you want, you can hang the posters of your plumbing service at some public places because we have seen many times when we need a plumber, we do not have his number. In such a situation, when you hang a poster of your plumbing service at a place where many people pass by during the day, it can greatly benefit your business.

Cost to start a plumbing business

If you already know Plumbing Work and you are starting it as an individual. So in this business you need to buy some plumbing tools and equipment. Which can be easily bought from ₹ 2000 to ₹ 5000.

But if you want to start your own plumbing service company, then you have to hire people who know the work of plumber in your company. For this you may need to rent an office in the local market. As far as tools and equipment are concerned, plumbers can also use their own.

But you need to recruit not only plumbers but also sales and marketing staff. Who will work to bring business to the entrepreneur. If seen in this way, the entrepreneur would need at least ₹ 3 lakh as initial fund.

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