How to start candy or toffee making business.

Toffee making business plan in Hindi: At present, toffee or candies are available in the markets in a variety of colors, sizes, tastes, etc. Children like it so much that they insist on getting it from their relatives or parents. The best thing is that parents, relatives belonging to any economic class do not need to spend a lot of money to fulfill this insistence of the children. Because it is easily available in the market for 50 paise, 1, 2, 5, rupees.

Candies or toffees are not only liked by children but also by people of all ages like teenagers, youth, middle aged, old people. The candies are generally available with fruit flavor and milk flavor. Flavors like mango, litchi, orange, grape, etc. are popular among them. Many types of toffee are also used as mood enhancers and mouth fresheners. Overall, it is a common confectionery item sold in shops. So if it is prepared with a unique taste and good quality, then its sales potential is very high.

Possibility of running the business of making toffee

Toffee or candy is generally very popular among children, teenagers and youth. It is consumed due to many reasons, where children consume it for its unique taste and to sweeten the mouth. At the same time, it is used by the youth as a breath freshener and mouth freshener. And it is also used by all age groups to sweeten the mouth after meals or after dinner. This is the reason that many types of toffees are currently available in the markets.

Presently they are being used to remove bad breath and are also being used in large quantities in birthdays and other parties. Secondly, it is such an item that a person belonging to every economic class can easily buy. That’s why it has become a custom to make a pack of candies and give them as gifts. So if you make toffee of good quality and taste, you may not need to put much effort in selling it.

How to start toffee making business (How to start toffee making business in India)

Candy or toffee is such a common confectionery item that many people make it at home. But when it comes to earning by manufacturing it commercially, then they are made using machines. This is the reason that there is a need to take many steps to start this business.

Land & Building:

A plant that produces around 60,000 kilos of toffee annually would require at least 1200 to 1500 square feet of space. Because in this, the entrepreneur needs a place to store raw materials, a place to store finished goods, a place for manufacturing area, a place to install electrical utilities, a place to build an office and also a place for a security room. Might be possible.

The entrepreneur should look for a place for his business at such a location where there is no lack of basic facilities like electricity, water, roads. And there employees and laborers should also be easily available to the entrepreneur at reasonable rates. If you are taking the land, then you can take it on lease and you can start this business even by taking the building on rent.

License and Registration

In order to set up a toffee factory, an entrepreneur needs to obtain a number of licenses and registrations. Whose list is something like this.

  • Business Registration – Registration of your business under any one of the Proprietorship Firm, Partnership Firm, One Person Company, Private Limited Company etc.
  • Tax registration Although GST registration is mandatory only after a certain turnover, it can be beneficial for you to get it done early on.
  • Toffee or candy is a food item, so FSSAI license is also required to do this business.
  • PAN card and opening of current account in the bank in the name of the business is also required.
  • A trade license is required from the local authority.
  • If you want to sell candies with the PANE brand name, you also need a trademark registration to protect your brand name.
  • To register your business as an MSME, it is required to do Udyam Registration.

Machinery and Raw Materials

However, as technology changes, so do the machines that make the products. But in today’s time, the list of machinery and raw materials used in the candy making business is as follows.

  • Wrapping machine with 300 PPM capacity
  • 500 to 2000 liters water storage tanks
  • kneading machine
  • 50 kgs per hour candy vacuum cooker
  • rope saiger
  • cooling conveyor
  • 200 Capacity Candy Batch Former
  • rotary molding machine
  • circulating water table

The list of major raw materials is as follows.

  • Sugar
  • liquid glucose
  • milk powder
  • Water
  • Fruit Flavor and more
  • citric acid

You can take the help of websites like Indiamart, TradeIndia to find machine suppliers. Or any District Industry Center located in your area can also be contacted about this. The raw material will be easily available locally anywhere in India.

Staff hiring

In the initial stages, the entrepreneur may require at least 9 employees to start the candy making business even on a small scale. A trained and skilled machine operator is required to operate the machine. Some helpers are also required who are employed in carrying goods such as raw materials and manufactured goods from one place to another.

Apart from this, you can call a supervisor, a person who manages the account as well as the manager. etc. are also required. In this way, a total of 8 or 9 people may be required by the entrepreneur to run his business.

Manufacturing Process

With the help of the above mentioned machines, the process of making toffee is a very easy process. First of all water and sugar which can be called as candy visualization is cooked thoroughly in a vacuum batch cooker. The heated and cooked mass is then collected on a circulating water cooling table. Meanwhile, by adding colour, flavor and other ingredients to this mass, it is passed through a rotary kneading machine to make it uniform.

During this, there is a need to take a lot of care of cleanliness, after that when this visible becomes uniform and cools down. Then it is fed into batch former machine which converts it into roll form and these rolls are then sent to rope sizer machine. From where the candy comes out in the shape of a rope, after that this rope shape is sent to the candy molding machine. And this is where candies are made in different shapes. These toffees are discharged onto the cooling conveyor, which cools them down. After that toffee is wrapped and packed with the help of wrapping machine.

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