How to start aluminum partition business. Aluminum Partition Business Plan

If you are in this business (Aluminum Partition Business ) do not know about. So you go to a hospital, go to a small office or go to a mobile etc. shop. Presently you will find aluminum partition fixed there. Generally people also know it as a glazed door. It is installed because one it looks beautiful, secondly it prevents dust, and other insects, mosquitoes, etc. from coming inside your shop.

If people often see small offices, mobile barber shops, etc. in total, then you will find this partition in almost all types of shops except the current Murray General Store. At some places, such type of partition is seen on one side of such general stores which have double side open.

Also a doctor who wants to open his own clinic but takes a long hall on rent. Now he has to make a reception, a cabin and a small room for a patient to lie down. So he will not get any brick and cement constructed in it, rather he will find someone who does aluminum partition work and prepare his clinic by getting partitions made there.

At present, such partitions are also being required in small and big private and government offices. In such a situation, if you are looking to start a good earning business. So you can consider the business of making aluminum partitions.

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Market for aluminum partition business

As the population is increasing, new residential colonies are being built. And health clinics, schools, shops etc. are also opening in these residential colonies. Presently, you will get to see aluminum partition inside almost every shop which has shutter from outside. However, in highly congested markets where shopkeepers need to keep goods in and out frequently, such partitions are not in vogue.

But such shops are available at other places which do not require to keep the goods in or out again and again. These include everything from hair salons to clothing stores. A doctor’s clinic, an eyeglass shop, a dental clinic, a primary health center, a property dealer’s office, etc., require such partitions in a local market. This partition is also used as a door and aluminum partition is also used to divide a large space into different parts.

Since it looks beautiful and if needed, it can be easily uprooted and transferred to another place. Apart from this, its cost is much less than any wood or brick cement partition, so it is becoming very popular among the people. A shop whose gate is 7×8 can be easily covered with this partition for ₹ 12-13 thousand.

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Promoter Qualification

There is no doubt that this business of aluminum partition is not for everyone. Only that person can run it successfully, who has good knowledge of this work. Therefore, it is right for the entrepreneur who has acquired a diploma or degree in aluminum fabrication to start this type of business.

But as we have told earlier that any person can do any business, there is no restriction in it. But if the promoter is not aware of the business he is doing, then the risk remains high, and the chances of business failure are high.

How to Start Aluminum Partition Business in India

If you are serious about starting aluminum partition business. So first of all you have to learn how to make aluminum partition etc. By the way, you can start this type of business by hiring artisans even without learning the work. But due to this you will have to face a lot of difficulties in making profit from this business.

That’s why it would be better if you provide practical information about this work. Apart from this, you may need to take many other steps to start this type of business.

get practical job information

As we said, to start the business of partitioning aluminum, it is very important for you to have practical knowledge of this work. Because making aluminum frames, their cutting, glass plating, sheet plating, etc. cannot be done by any novice person who does not have any knowledge of this work.

These are such works in which the customer can refuse to pay you the full amount due to the slightest mistake. Even an inch or half an inch difference in measurement can stop you from installing a partition at the gate of a shop. That’s why it is necessary to work so closely that you already have practical knowledge of it.

People who have done diploma or any other course in aluminum fabrication and have practical knowledge of this work, it will be easy for them to start this type of business, as well as the chances of failure of their business will also be less.

Rent a shop in the local market

If you have got information about this work and you still think that you will be able to run this business successfully, then now you should rent a small shop in the local market of that area. You don’t need a lot of space for this because you don’t already have to store a lot of stuff in your shop. Rather, you have to keep only as much as you can show to your customer as a sample.

But while taking the shop on rent, make sure to get its rent agreement etc. done, because this document can be used as an address proof of your business.

Select supplier of goods

Choose the supplier of the goods in the same area from where you can pick up any goods if needed in half an hour or an hour. Because currently entrepreneurs doing this type of business do not keep a lot of goods in their shop, only keep some goods as samples, rest they pick up from the selected supplier only when they get the order from a customer.

That’s why the entrepreneur needs to take special care of this while choosing the supplier. That it is not very far from his shop, but is available in some 10-15 kilometer radius. So that whenever he gets an order from the customer, he can arrange the goods for that order within a day.

The raw materials used in the aluminum partition business are glass, aluminum frame, aluminum sheet, clamp, lock, latch and screw, etc. to make the frame. In the form of machinery, the entrepreneur needs different types of drill machines like different drill machines for screw tightening, different drill machines for drilling holes in hard walls and different drill bits.

Apart from this, a saw machine is required to cut the aluminum frame and a blade is also required to cut the sheet. The entrepreneur can get the glass cut to the same size from the glass seller, the size of which the glass is to be installed in the partition.

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hire employees

This business of making aluminum partitions is not in the capacity of a single man. That’s why the entrepreneur has to appoint employees for his business. But if you want, in the initial phase, apart from one craftsman, you can keep two or three such boys who want to learn this work of aluminum partition.

In this both you and the boys who want to learn work will be benefited. If you get boys who work for free, they will get a chance to learn work for free. But you have to hire at least one worker. However, if you yourself know this work well, then you can do the work yourself instead of keeping the craftsman.

Contact local builders, contractors, etc.

Now if the entrepreneur has completed all the procedures to start this business, then his next step should be to find customers for his business. Do not wait for the customers to reach you, rather you should make every effort to reach the customers.

For this, if you want, you can contact local builders who do the work of building houses or buildings, contractors who take contracts for construction works, masons, etc., who do the work related to building construction. Because where they have taken the contract for the entire work, they can get the work done from you, and where they have not taken it, they can give your contact number etc. to the owner of the house or building.

Cost Involved in Aluminum Partition Business

If you have complete knowledge of aluminum partition work, then believe me it is not going to cost you much to start this type of business. Because in this business you do not have to use very heavy or expensive machinery equipment. You have to bring the glass cut from the supplier to the same size as it is to be installed at the site. It comes with a thin blade for cutting aluminum sheet.

Aluminum frames are also made ready-made, yes they need to be given more structure in the required length, an electric powered saw machine comes to cut them. Overall, this business (Aluminum Partition Business) can be easily started with an investment of ₹ 75000 to ₹ 150000.

What are the qualifications of a promoter to start aluminum partition business?

It is better if the promoter has done a diploma or degree course in aluminum fabrication.

Is it necessary to appoint staff in this business?

Yes, in this you have to work at the location of the customer, for which at least two or three staff are required.

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