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How to remove photos from Gmail? [2022] Gmail Se Photo Kaise Nikale , Hello friends, how are you guys today we will teach you how you can remove photo from gmail, today we will give you complete information about it

If you want to learn this then you read this article completely. If you complete it then you will be able to learn everything Today this article is going to be very good for you because today we can remove you photo from gmail from other person’s phone.

Presently people think that if we would have had some way so that we could see all the photos from the phone of our friend or any fellow, if you are also thinking like this, then today we will fulfill your wish.

Yes friends, if you also know the gmail and id password of any other person, then you can very easily find out the number of photos and all the contacts in his phone, so let’s friends, without wasting your time photo from gmail All the steps of how to remove, tell you and to know it you have to study very well which is given below

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how to remove photos from gmail account

If you also want to know about how to remove any person’s photo from your gmail, then read all the steps given below carefully. You do not have to skip any step, if you leave some steps, then you will find it very difficult to understand it, later you will not understand anything and when you get all the steps well then you everything is very good. You will be able to learn in a way that will help you a lot.

Step 1. Go to the setting of the mobile

If you want to get a photo from someone’s mobile, then first you have to take your mobile and then go to the settings of your mobile.

Step 2. Go to Account and Sign in Settings

After going to the settings, after going down a little, you will get many options, in which you will see an option of account and sign, you will need to click on that option because with the help of the same option you can proceed further.

Step 3.Go to Add Account

Now you will get the option of add account, you have to click on that option

Step 4. Click on Option

After going to the option of Add account, you will get an option of Google, you have to click on that Google option.

Step 5. Go to Confirm Your Password

Now after going there, you will see the option of confirm your password, in which you have to put the phone’s password there.

Step 6. Enter Gmail ID and Password

Now you will be asked for Gmail and password, now you have to put your gmail id there and later you have to put the password.

Now after applying Gmail and password, that person’s account will be registered in your phone, after that you just have to follow a simple step, so let us tell you the rest of the steps without wasting your time.

Step 7. Find Photos option in Mobile

When that person’s account will be saved in your phone, then you will have to come back and delete the gallery option in your phone.

Step 8. Click

When you get the gallery option in your phone, then you have to open the gallery, after opening it, you will get three dots in the top right side, you have to click on those three dots.

Step 9. Click on the arrow symbol

After clicking on those three dots, you will see your Gmail account here, next to it you will see a small arrow on which you have to click.

Step 10. Save Gmail account in your mobile

When you click on there, you will see your gmail id there as well as any gmail account you have saved in your phone, it will also show you here, now you read the next step carefully which is given below.

Step 11. Click on Gmail Address

Now you have to leave your Gmail and you have to click on that Gmail account which you have saved in another Gmail account phone.

Step 12. Go to phone storage

When you click on the gmail address, in a short time you will get all the photos of that person in your phone, you will see all the photos there.

Step 13. Final Work

After doing all the steps, you can easily remove all the photos in your phone easily.


Friends, you have read this article, we hope that it has helped you a lot, all of you do not have to make any wrong use of this thing, you should use it only in the right things, today you have learned a lot from us, we will guide you forward. Will also keep giving all the information related to this

To remove photos from Gmail account, you have to follow all the steps given above, only then you will be able to learn this procedure, if you skip any step, then you may be disappointed later, you can make a lot of mistakes later in this article After falling, you can remove photos from gmail account in a very easy way.

In the future, if you also have any questions regarding this process or you feel that I cannot do this, then you can visit our website, we will continue to give you many more information related to this and if you have any other than this, any If you have any problem then you must visit our page.

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