How to open LPG Gas Agency in India? How to get gas dealership?

There are two main ways of cooking food, one is the traditional way and the other is the modern way. The traditional food preparation method follows the old methods of preparing food. Such as wood stoves and coal stoves etc., but in all these, pollution is generated very much, so it is used very little.

On the other hand there are modern ways of preparing food. This includes gas stove and electric power based induction. However, induction chulha is much safer as there is no risk of burning in it. The same gas stove is helpful in preparing food easily and in less time without causing pollution.

You are probably aware that gas connection is taken in most of the houses. The gas cylinder has to be changed from time to time. when it is empty.

Have you ever seen the gas cylinder dealer shop or home delivery of gas cylinders? It must have also come to your mind that the shop dealer who has taken the dealership, how and how much profit would he earn and if someone wants to take a gas dealership, how can he take it.

So we have come for you today with this article on this topic. So stay connected with our article till the end.

What is a gas agency after all?

As we all know that gas cylinder is better for our environment than wood stove and cooking food in it is also very easy but it is not in the slightest that that gas cylinder lasts for years.

Its limitation period is up to 1 month. After that we have to order again. The vehicle that takes the gas cylinder to our house is that of the gas agency.

In other words, the place from where gas cylinders are delivered to everyone’s homes is called a gas agency.

How to start your own gas agency in your own country India:-

Opening a gas agency is not easy but if you have the ability to do this work and everything you need, then you can easily start it.

This is a business in which if you become stable once, then you will get profit in it. There will be no harm in it at all. Because gas cylinders are required in almost all homes.

Like HP, Indian, Bharat etc. is very popular in our country. All the gas connection holders present in an area take the cylinder from the gas company to which they have the connection.

The custom base of any gas company is already in a particular area. Popular newspapers and posters are used to inform people about their gas connection. Apart from this, gas companies also upload the post on their official website. You can visit if you want.

What are the types of LPG Distributorship:-

There are many regions in our country India which are divided into different categories. There are also different types of LPG gas distributorship. If you also want to open LPG gas agency then it is very important for you to know these categories. Generally most companies provide gas to agencies under the government. which are described in detail below

  1. Urban Distribution: – It is quite clear from the name itself that under this, gas dealer delivery and service of the urban area are provided. The gas agencies falling under this category are found only and only in urban areas.
  2. Ruban Distributor :- The agency under Ruban Distributors is mainly located in the cities. But it also extends its services to villages. The gas agency coming in this chain covers the coming villages in about 15 kms from the municipal limits. If an area is specified by the oil company it can also cover that program.
  3. Rural Distributor:- Rural means that rural ie rural distributor includes such areas where the village is more. The Rural Distributor provides service in the specified village by the oil company. Provides service up to a radius of 15 kms from its agency. This radius increases under different conditions.
  4. Inaccessible Regional Distributor:- Services under this category are provided in an area where it is extremely difficult to provide service. Such as hilly area, forest area, tribal area, disturb area or etc. area.

Who can apply for gas agency :-

The following eligibility is required for gas agency

  • Applicant should have Indian citizenship.
  • Must be 10th pass from recognized board. If you are a freedom fighter then it is exempted.
  • Candidate age should be 21 years to 60 years. There is no age limit if freedom fighter.
  • None of the family members of the applicant should be working in any oil marketing company.
  • Those gas agencies whose license or agreement has been canceled cannot apply again.
  • The applicant should not be short of money to run the gas agency efficiently, nor should there be any shortage of land for godown.

What are the basic facilities to open LPG gas agency:-

  • There should be a godown to keep the stock of gas cylinders and special care should be taken to take special care of safety, it is necessary to obtain a license through an authorized officer of the Explosive Safety Organization.
  • Initially gas agencies can store only about 3000 kg of LPG gas in Urban and Ruban category.
  • Gramin Vitrak can keep 5000 kg and Durgam Kshetriya Vitrak 3000 kg of LPG gas reserves only.
  • It is necessary to have a ready-made godown or plot in which the godown will be built.
  • Urban’s Ruban distributor should have 25*30 square meter plot within a radius of 15 kms from the limits of Municipality, Gram Panchayat etc. 21*26 square meter for rural distribution and 15*16 meter for inaccessible regional distributor has been fixed.
  • There should not be a high station wire LT light telephone line canal drain near this plot.
  • There should be facilities for vehicles. So that customers do not face any kind of problem.
  • The entrepreneur should also have the facility of vehicles so that he can get the gas home delivered.

To open an LPG gas agency, apply as follows:-

India’s largest oil marketing company is Indian Bharat and HP, when they have to open their branch at a new location, it advertises it in local news paper and on its website. So that interested can apply for it but be careful in this. Many frauds are also maintaining their place. In such a situation, it would be good that you apply only through the official website of these companies, otherwise you may have to face financial loss.

Is there also an application fee for:-

For this you have to pay the application fee, it is mandatory. But how much the fee will have to be paid or the oil companies tell in their advertisements. But different charges are charged for different distributors. Which is non-refundable i.e. whether you get LPG gas agency or not, you will not get your money back.


First of all, thank you to all the readers who read our article till the end, we hope that you have liked this article of ours, through this article we have explained in detail about the LPG gas agency. And we have also explained clearly and clearly how you can apply for it. If you want to ask any question from us, then you can ask through comment, as well as share this article to as many people as possible.

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