How To Measure Your Bra Size: If You Are Confused About The Right Size Of Bra

How To Calculate Bra Size Calculator – How To Calculate Bra Size:

First of all, keep in mind that before using the bra size calculator, keep wearing a bra. It is okay to measure only by wearing a non-padded bra.

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Step 1- Band Size

First measure the band size i.e. the band with the hook. Measure the bottom portion of the breast with inch tape. If it measures in even number then add four to it and if it measures in odd number then add five to it. Suppose the measurement comes to 34 inches, then add four to it. Band size will be 38 inches. If the size of 35 inches comes, then add five to it, after which your band size should be 40 inches.

Step-2 – Breast Size

Now you have to measure your breast size. Measure by wrapping the inch tape around the breast. The tape should be at the nipple level while taking this measurement.

Step- 3- Cup Size

To know the cup size, you have to subtract the band size from the breast size. For example your bust size is 37 and band size is 34. So reduce them. Answer will come 3. It means you should choose a bra size of 34C. If the answer is 2 then B and 1 then the A category is to be selected. Actually the band size keeps on increasing. Accordingly, A, B and C will have to be selected.

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