How To Make Money With Swagbucks – Swagbucks Review In Hindi

SwagBucks se Paise Kaise Kamaye :- Internet There are many ways to earn money online with the help of. With which you can earn lakhs of rupees a month, but to earn money from the internet, you have to be patient along with hard work.

So far, we have shared information about many mobile applications with you, with the help of which you can earn money sitting at home. In today’s article we will share with you one such money making application information to be shared.

In this article we SwagBucks what is, SwagBucks se Paise Kaise Kamaye, SwagBucks but how to create account, SwagBucks how to withdraw money from And will give all the information about how much money you can earn from SwagBucks. So read this article completely till the end.

What is SwagBucks

SwagBucks There is an Earning Website in which you get money for completing small tasks. This is a best earning platform.

SwagBucks se Paise Kaise Kamaye – Swagbucks Review In Hindi

SwagBucks is also available as an app, you can also install it on your mobile. The users of SwagBucks are not only in India but there are users of SwagBucks all over the world.

SwagBucks gives you money in the form of SB Point. With the money you earn from SwagBucks, you can buy Gift Voucher, transfer to your bank account or donate to a charity.

If you work on the SwagBucks website for 2 or even 3 hours a day, then you can earn 8 to 10 thousand rupees a month from SwagBucks. earn money in lockdown For this it can be a best website and application.

So this was the information about SwagBucks, now you will know how to create your account on SwagBucks.

How to Create Account in Swagbucks

Creating an account on SwagBucks is very easy. To create an account on SwagBucks, follow the steps given below –

Step 1 – First you SwagBucks Come to the official website.

Step 2 As soon as you come to its official website, the corresponding page in the image below will open in front of you. Where you will be asked to sign up.

Swagbucks se paise kaise kamaye

Step 3 – To signup in SwagBucks, you need a Email ID should. And in the Password below, set your SwagBucks password and click on the Sign up Now button. if you want Facebook You can also signup through it.

Step 4 After this a verification message will come to your email. Verify your email. In this way you can create your account in SwagBucks and start earning money online.

SwagBucks in your mobile You can also download the application. In that too the process of signing up is the same.

How to use SwagBucks

When you login to SwagBucks and come to its homepage, here you will see many tasks, such as Survey, Game, Poll, Videos etc. You get money for completing these tasks.

In the homepage of SwagBucks, you see 4 options in Navigation – Answer, Discover, Reward, More. Let us consider these four options one by one –


In this option you have to answer some surveys. You can win SB Point for giving correct answer.


In this option you will see 3 options Discover Home, Games and Sign ups.

In Discover Home, you will see the tasks appearing on the homepage, by completing which you can earn SB Points.

In the option of Games, you will get to see some games. You can install and play these games to earn SB Points.

In sign ups you will see such tasks in which you can earn money from SwagBucks by signing up.


You will also see 3 options in the Rewards option – Rewards Home, Swagstakes, Donation.

In Rewards Home, you will see a lot of rewards which you can buy with your earned SB Points.

In the option with Swagstakes, you get some giveaways in which you need some SB Points to participate.

With the Donation option, you can donate the money earned from SwagBucks. Your money will be donated directly to the charity.

More (and many more)

In this option also you will get 3 options – Mobile App, Swagbutton, Refer and Earn.

In the option with Mobile App, you can download SwagBucks as an app in mobile.

With Swagbutton option, you can install SwagBucks extension in your browser and earn 25 SB Points.

In the Refer and Earn option, you can earn money by referring SwagBucks with your friends.

So this was the whole process of using SwagBucks.

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How To Make Money With SwagBucks (SwagBucks Se Paise Kaise Kamaye)

After creating your account on SwagBucks, you can earn money from SwagBucks. To earn money from SwagBucks, you must know about how to earn money from SwagBucks.

To earn money from SwagBucks, you can follow the below mentioned methods –

#1 – Earn Money with SwagBucks by completing Surveys

The best way to earn money from SwagBucks is by completing surveys. Here you will find surveys of many companies, organizations etc., in which the company takes the opinion of the people to improve its product.

You have to answer all the questions asked in those surveys correctly. In this, most of the surveys come to the new location, so you will not be able to do more surveys during the day.

But if you complete 2 – 3 surveys in a day then you will easily earn 1 – 2 $.

#2 – Earn money with SwagBucks by completing tasks

Another way to earn money from SwagBucks is by completing tasks in it. In the homepage of SwagBucks, you get a lot of tasks, on completing which you can earn a lot of SB Points.

The tasks found in SwagBucks are as follows –

  • playing games
  • Voting in Daily Poll
  • watch short videos
  • Signing up in an App
  • Adding Swagbutton
  • Profile Completion

In this way, many tasks are available in SwagBucks.

#3 – You can earn money from SwagBucks by inviting your friends

You get a Unique Referral Link in SwagBucks. You have to share this link with your friends. If any of your friends signs up in SwagBucks with your referral link, then you get 1$ from SwagBucks.

#4 – Earn money from SwagBucks by doing web search

Google But whenever you do some Query Search, you do not get its money. But if you do any web search in SwagBucks, then you get some SB Points in return. which you later PayPal Can transfer to account.

You will get the option of Web Search at the top of the homepage of SwagBucks.

#5 – Shopping and Win Cashback with SwagBucks

If you from SwagBucks Online Shopping If you do then you get some cashback in it. Online shopping is also a good way to earn money from SwagBucks.

#6 – Participate in contests and earn money from SwagBucks

You can participate in SwagBucks Giveaways and earn money. But to participate in the giveaway, you need some SB Point.

Suppose if you want to win 500 SB then you will need 10SB to participate in the giveaway.

How to Withdraw Money from SwagBucks (Payment Method of SwagBucks)

Friends, whatever money you earn in SwagBucks, you get as SB Point and 140 SB = 1 $. With SwagBucks, you can take money as a gift card or through your PayPal Bank Account can transfer in.

To transfer money to SwagBucks, you click on the option of Profile above. Redeem Your SB Click on the option. On clicking, many things will come in front of you, which you can take from SB Point and there will also be an option of PayPal through which you can transfer money to your bank account.

FAQ FOR SwagBucks

Does SwagBucks Pay Real Money?

According to the people who have used SwagBucks, it is a real platform from where you can earn money. The users of SwagBucks are Worldwide. You too can earn money using this app.

Conclusion – How To Make Money With SwagBucks In Hindi

So friends, through this article, we have given you complete information about SwagBucks and SwagBucks se Paise Kaise Kamaye Told about all the methods.

If you do not have any skill and you want to earn money through internet then SwagBucks is the best application for you. Because an internet user can easily do the task found in it.

Hope you have liked this article written by us and by reading this you must have understood about earning money from SwagBucks. Share this article with your friends and earn money by inviting them to SwagBucks.

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