How to make money from land: 8 great ideas to know here

Hello friends are you such a landowner? Which is lying empty. It means to say that are you the owner of the idle vacant land which you have not used till date.

So let’s know today that How to earn money from vacant land?

Friends, in today’s article, we are going to give you the best idea so that you will be able to earn money from your vacant land. In this article, we are going to give you the best ideas, so read carefully one by one.

The bigger the land you have, the more money you can make. You can earn thousands of rupees a month or you can earn lakhs of rupees a month. It depends on you what you use your land for.

How to earn money from land? (How to earn money from land?)

Two types of people are found in our country India. First the people living in the village and second the people living in the city. And both of them have their own land.

But there is a lot of difference between the two in the way of earning money from the land.

The land in the village earns money by using it differently and the people living in the city earn money by using the land in the city in a different way.

Here we will tell you about the use of both methods to earn money from land.

the question here is How to earn money from land?

If you have some vacant land and you want to earn money by using it, then you will have to work a little hard, apply some brain.

But this article is going to be a little helpful for you, you will not need to apply your mind.

Because here we are going to give you the best ideas that will make your work a little easier, so stay in this article from beginning to end.

Find 8 of the best ideas here.

1) How to earn money by setting up a tower or plant on a vacant land?

This is the best way to earn money from idle vacant land.

In which you do not need to do any hard work or invest anything. Money is just money.

Almost every work in our country is being done through the Internet. And the number of people using mobile phones is increasing day by day.

So in such a situation, people prefer to use the network of companies providing good network and high speed net.

That’s why mobile network companies like to install more and more mobile towers so that more and more users can use their SIM.

For this, companies require an empty land where they can set up mobile towers.

If you give your vacant land to these needy companies for setting up mobile towers, then these companies give you more than ₹ 10000 per month if your land is in the village.

The bigger the land you have, the more money you can charge.

This is if your land is in a metro city or in a city, then you can get lakhs of rupees for it.

2) How to earn money by installing ATM machine on vacant land?

Land would be with everyone, but how much money the vacant land would earn, it depends on the location of the land.

Because people here chat the price of the land on the basis of its location.

It doesn’t matter if your land is in the village or in the cities. But it is more important to have this land in a crowded place.

You can easily earn money without any investment by installing an ATM machine on such land.

There are three such big companies in India. Who installs ATM machine

  1. Tata Indicash ATM
  2. Muthoot ATM
  3. One India ATM

So you can apply online by visiting one of these company’s website or write an application to them that you want to install ATM machine on your land.

For this, whatever information will be asked in the form, you have to fill it and submit it.

Talking about earning, you can earn ₹ 10000 to ₹ 20000 per month in the village by installing an ATM machine.

If you get the machine installed in the city, then you can earn from ₹ 30000 to ₹ 40000.

This money will be the rent for your vacant land.

Apart from this, you will also be given a separate commission for all the transactions that will be done from the ATM machine.

3) If there is land on the roadside or in a public place, can you earn money by making it a shop?

Friends, as I have already told that the cost of the land and its earning depend on the location of the land.

If your land is in a good location.

For example, if it is in a service area or in a public place or on the side of the road in Bhilwara area, then you can use that land to build a shop.

But for this you will have to invest, you will have to build a shop.

You can earn a lot from this, if you want, you can sell the shop to someone. Or you can put that shop on rent. Your life time income will continue to come from this. Keep in mind that you keep getting the agreement done every 5 years so that no one can occupy your land and shop.

If you sell the shop, you will get a huge amount in one go. The bigger your land, the more money you get.

Generally the cost of the shop is up to ₹ 200000.

If you have a big land and you make a big shop, then this amount can be from 50 lakhs to one crore rupees.

If you give your shop on rent, then you make your income for life, in this you will get ₹ 15 to ₹ 20000 every month.

4) Money can be earned by buying and selling land.

Friends, you must be surprised to know that money can be earned by selling land, but how can money be earned by buying land?

Don’t worry, don’t worry because here we are going to tell you this method that you can earn money by selling your vacant land and you can earn money by buying it, so let’s know.

This method will make you earn money in zero investment.

In today’s era of inflation, the cost of everything is increasing day by day. So why won’t the price of land increase in such a situation?

Only a sensible person invests his accumulated capital in the land because he knows that the value of the land today is going to increase or double tomorrow.

There are many landowners who are earning money by selling and buying land. They make a profit of lakhs of rupees in one go, so why can’t you do the same.

If you have any land, then sell it now. You will see that you will get 2 times to 3 times more money than the cost of your land.

You keep this money again to buy some land, then you sell it after 2 years, 3 years or 5 years and see how much the value of your land increases and how much profit is made, you will not be able to believe.

So you can earn money from your vacant land by buying and selling just like this, you just have to have a little patience. And a little effort will have to be made.

5) How have you earned money by building flats as a landlord?

It has been a tradition for years to build houses on vacant land and earn money. Earlier people could not see any other way.

He used to do two to three jobs on his land. People used to earn money in these ways by doing farming and building a house and renting it or building a shop.

if in the village,

Still that method has not changed but there have been some changes, do you know what that is? If your land is in a village, you can build a house on your vacant land to be given on rent.

Many people are working in the office or are students studying, they need a house on rent or if there are migrants, then you can earn a lot by giving them a house on rent.

In the village, you can get your house built with only three, four or five storeys, not more than that.

is in town

If your land is in the city area, then you can build a flat on your vacant land. The cost of flats in cities is higher than in villages.

You can earn a lot here. If you make a flat of 2 rooms and give it on rent, then you will get 10 to ₹ 15000 per month.

By the way, more than 100 floors can be built in a building in the cities, but you will have to take permission for this and you will have to pay a lot of charges.

If you are making a building for rental house, then you can make up to 10 floors or even more.

If you make 3 flats in one floor, then there will be 30 flats in 10 floors, due to which you will earn 30*15000=4,50,000 per month, think if you can earn ₹ 450000 in a month, then how much will be in a year. 450000*12= Rs 5400000

So you can earn ₹ 54 Lakh in a year.

6) How to earn money from land by doing farming?

Friends, if you live in a village and you have a large land in the village, then you can earn money by farming comfortably.

Farming is done in the best way in the village. You can do farming even if you live in cities.

People earn by doing farming on their own land by working hard or you can give money to someone else and get them to do farming.

You can earn money throughout the year just by cultivating the land. For this, you have to do different methods of farming in every season.

If you live in a village, you can easily earn money by selling rice, pulses, wheat, millet, sugarcane, spices, mustard, coriander, vegetables, etc. There is a high demand for all these things here.

On the other hand, if you live in the city and your land is in the city, you can still do farming.

But now if you do farming in other way, then you will be more profitable. There is a lot of demand for flowers in cities like yours, so you should do flower farming, fruit farming, vegetable farming. can earn

7) How to earn money by opening a chicken farm on an idle land?

If you have idle land then you can open a chicken farm.

Nowadays people mostly like to eat chicken and eggs, its demand is also very strong in our Indian markets, so this is a good opportunity for you that you can earn well. From your vacant land.

Now it does not matter whether you are from the village or the cities, if you open your own chicken farm or you give your land on rent to any poultry farm company, then you can earn a lot from it.

8) How to earn money by setting up a factory?

There are many ways to earn money from vacant land, this is also one of them.

If you do not want to reply to anyone, then you should get a factory installed on your vacant land. You will be able to do this as your monthly income revenue.

Many companies find land for big factories in rural areas only because they get that facility and people get ready to work there at low cost, which benefits them more.

Even big companies want to set up their factories in the cities.

Because there is electricity 24 hours and there are many other facilities which make their work easy.

So in such a situation, you can give your land on lease to those companies and earn a lot.


friends in this article how to earn money from land, For this, we have given you the best of the best ideas.

Apart from this, you can earn money in many other ways like fish farming or animal farm You can also give your land on lease to such companies. From this also you will be able to generate income.

Hope our today’s article will be helpful for you, then you must like this page of ours.

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