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How to Make Surgical Mask at Home (Raw Material, DIY, With Cloth, Fabric, Tissue Paper, Medical, Dust Air Pollution Mask)

Often you must have seen that when you go to the hospital, the doctors and hospital staff put face masks on their mouths before meeting all the patients. Now you must be thinking that why do they do this, then let us tell you that they do this so that the infection of the patient does not reach them by coming in contact with the infected patient. Now recently, people are coming in contact with other people only by wearing such masks to avoid the corona virus spreading on a large scale around the world. Due to which it may soon be shorted in the market. In such a situation, in this article, we are telling you about the method of making such masks at home.

What is a face mask? (What is Surgical Mask ?)

Face masks applied on the mouth are such masks that protect you from infection. When you come in contact with an infected person, these face masks are used so that their bacteria do not reach you.

Types of Surgical Mask

There are 2 types of masks worn on the mouth, the information of which is as follows –

Insider to Outsider Mask :-

Masks that prevent bacteria from coming out are called ‘Insider to Outsider’ masks. These are often disposable or surgical masks, often used by doctors and staff in hospitals. They are thrown away after using them for 3 to 8 hours. Although you can avoid infection with such a mask, but you cannot avoid a disease like the dreaded corona virus.

Outsider to Insider Mask :-

Other types of masks are those that prevent the bacteria spreading outside from entering. These masks are N95 respirator masks. But let us tell you that these are also of 3 types FFP 1, FFP 2 and FFP 3. Out of which the best is FFP 3 mask which does 99 percent filtration and 1 percent leakage from it. According to a WHO report, it may be better to use a similar face mask to avoid the corona virus.

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How to Make a Mouth Mask at Home (Surgical Mask Making Process at Home)

You can easily make a face mask at home, the method of making it is as follows –

material :-

You will need the following ingredients to make a face mask.

  • kitchen paper
  • tissue paper
  • rubber band
  • punching machine
  • paper masking tape
  • binder clips
  • scissors
  • plastic wires
  • Glasses
  • plastic file folder

process :-

  • To make a face mask, first of all, clean your hands with a sanitizer.
  • Then you cut the kitchen paper equal to the tissue paper and you have to make 2 pieces of it and keep it one on top of the other.
  • After this, you keep a tissue paper over it. And then cut it in half from the middle into 2 parts with the help of scissors.
  • Now stick both the sides of the cut part with the help of paper masking tape.
  • Then punch the two sides on which you have taped it with the help of punching machine and make 2 – 2 holes.
  • Now stick the plastic coated wire on the side of the kitchen paper with the help of tape.
  • Now tie rubber bands on the holes you have made with the help of punching machine.
  • After this you take a plastic file folder and cut it in half.
  • Now clip this half cut plastic file folder in both the sticks of your glasses with the help of binder clips. Your face mask is ready.

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Note :- You can also increase the number of kitchen paper and tissue paper because the thicker the face mask you use, the more you will avoid getting infected. Because this mask infection will not be able to reach you quickly. Apart from this, let us tell you that after using this face mask, remove it from the side of the ear and throw it directly in the closed dustbin. Do not touch it with your hands from the front, as this will prevent bacteria from getting into your hands.

Other ways to make a face mask

Here we are giving you information about some other ways to make wearing masks –

Fabric face mask :-

You can also make face masks out of cloth. For this, you have to take a cloth of thick fabric and cut it 20 cm wide and 17 cm long. After this, stitch both the corners of its 20 cm by turning 1-1 inch. Now you fold it 1 inch at a distance of 5 cm and in the same way fold it 2 times at a distance of 3 – 3 inches. Now press on the folded part to prevent it from opening. After this, you take another piece of cloth and keep sewing while packing the other two parts as well. In the end, cut 2 elastic pieces of 15 cm and apply it in the four corners of the mask in such a way that it becomes a one-wear mask. And the elastic can get stuck in your ear. In this way this face mask will become yours.

Face mask made of kitchen napkin and tissue paper :-

Apart from this, you can also make face masks in other ways from kitchen napkins and tissue paper. One way is to take a kitchen paper of 20 * 17 cm and stick a tissue paper of the same size on it. Now cut the electric wire in both the corners of its 20 cm and put it by turning the corner 1 – 1 inch and stapler. After this, staple it from the corner by folding it 1 – 1 inch in a distance of 3 – 3 inches. Keep in mind that it does not stick in the middle, it should stick only from the edge. After this, put a rubber band in its four corners to wear the face mask. And by trapping it in your ears, you can wear this face mask comfortably.

How to use the face mask? (How to Use Surgical Mask in Our Face ?)

corona virus To avoid this, you should wear this face mask on the mouth in such a way that the part from your nose to mouth is covered with this face mask from all sides. And after that you put these glasses on your eyes too, so that bacteria cannot enter inside you through your eyes as well. You must use this face mask while going out anywhere or while going to a crowded area. This can help you to avoid corona virus to a great extent.

However, you need to keep yourself quite hygienic not only through this but also through other things, so that you can stay away from deadly diseases like corona virus.

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