How to Make Almond Soup: Drink almond soup in winter, you will get full energy with taste


Almonds are very beneficial for health in the winter season.
Apart from being tasty, almond soup maintains energy in the body.

Almond Soup Recipe: Almond soup is very beneficial for the body in the winter season. Nutritious almonds are used in many types of food items, but have you ever tasted almond soup. Many types of soups are prepared in winter season, but very few people enjoy almond soup. If you also drink soup to maintain energy in the body, then almond soup can be a great option. Making almond soup is also not very difficult.
Almond soup is rich in properties and to make it, almonds are first boiled and their skins are removed. Almond soup can be served to everyone whether it is children or adults. Let’s know the simple recipe to make nutrition-rich almond soup.

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Ingredients to make Almond Soup
Almonds – 1 cup
Butter โ€“ 2 tsp
Flour – 1 tbsp
White stock – 3 cups
Almond essence โ€“ 4-5 drops
Black pepper powder – 1 pinch
Fresh cream โ€“ 2 tbsp
salt – as per taste

Almond Soup Recipe
To make almond soup, first soak almonds in hot water for 20 minutes. After the fixed time, take out the almonds and peel them off. By soaking in hot water, the peels of almonds will be removed easily. After this, put almonds in the mixer jar and grind them coarsely. Take out the coarse paste of almonds in a bowl and keep it aside.

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Now put butter in a deep bottom pan and heat it on medium flame. When the butter melts, add refined flour to it and fry for 30 seconds. After this add almond paste, white stock and mix well with a big spoon. After this, mix 4-5 drops of almond essence in the mixture. Now cover and cook the soup for 3-4 minutes.

Keep stirring in between while cooking the soup. After this add 1 pinch of black pepper powder and salt as per taste to the almond soup and mix. Finally put fresh cream over the soup and turn off the gas. Take out the soup in a serving bowl and garnish it with almond slices and serve hot.

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