How to make a blog for free in 2022 (earn 1 lakh months from blogging)

Free Blog Kaise Banaye In Hindi: if you Internet And computer If you want to earn money online, then blog is the best medium, through which you can earn lakhs of rupees per month. If you also want to earn lakhs of rupees a month by blogging, then definitely read this article till the end. Because in today’s article we will tell you How to Create a Blog on Google They are going to give complete information about the subject.

In this article you will learn – how to make a free blog on blogger, how to create a blog on wordpress and from blog how to earn money In Hindi.

In this article, we will tell you about creating a blog in both free and paid ways. And we are sure that after reading this article you too can create a blog of your own.

So let’s come straight to our point and start today’s article – Blogger Par Free Blog Kaise Banaye In Hindi, Hindi

How To Make Money Earning Blog (Blog Kaise Banaye In Hindi)

Two platforms are most popular for making money making blog. One is Google’s own and the other WordPress which is an Open Source CMS. You have to create a Self Hosted Blog on WordPress. If you have the budget, then you can create your blog on WordPress. can earn money from blogging,

But if you do not have the budget or initially you do not want to invest money in creating a blog, then you can also create your own free blog on Blogger. In this article, we will tell you about both the methods.

How To Create Blog From Mobile – Mobile Se Blog Kaise Banaye

Creating a blog from mobile is not easy, yet you can make a good money earning website or blog with the help of mobile phone. Follow the following steps to create a blog from mobile.

  • first in your mobile Playstore Open.
  • now Blogger Application Their own android Install on phone.
  • Open the Blogger app and signup with your email id.
  • Now click on Create Your Blog.
  • Select your blog name and blog URL.
  • Select a theme.
  • Your free blog is just ready.
  • now on this blog article writing do google adsense Earn money with the help of

If you want to know step by step how to make a blog from mobile then definitely read this blog post – How to make free blog from mobile.

How to Create a Free Blog on Blogger (Blogger Par Blog Kaise Banaye)

Blogger is a product of Google on which you can easily create your own blog for free. blogger But to create a blog, you follow the steps given below.

Step 1 – First in Google Search by typing, and open the first website that will be in front of you in the search result page.

Step 2 After opening the website, you will get this type of interface (see picture below), here you have to click on the option of Create Your Blog. If you have used Blogger before then click on Sign In option. – create Your Blog

Step 3 – after which you Email ID Select the one you want to create your account in Blogger.

Step 4 Now you have to give the name of your blog, and click on the option next. – Choose A Name For Your Blog

Step 5 After that for your blog URL Create, a user can access your blog only through the URL. If the URL you want to create isn’t available, try something similar. After creating the URL for the blog, click on the option Next.

In Blogger, you get a subdomain named, if you want, you can buy a top level domain and connect it to your Blogger blog.

Step 6 Now you will be asked to give the display name of the blog. Here you can enter the name of your blog. Click on Finish by giving the Display Name.

Confirm Your Display Name For Blog

To make the blog attractive, use a clean theme, create the necessary pages in the blog and write the first blog post in the blog. In this way you can create a blog on Blogger for free.

How to Create a Blog on WordPress – WordPress Par Blog Kaise Banaye

wordpress It is an open source platform, where you can create a great blog with the help of plugin and attractive. But to create a blog on WordPress, you need a domain and hosting. without domain, hosting You cannot create a blog on WordPress. Most of the blogs in the world are built on WordPress.

To create a blog on WordPress, you follow the steps given below.

Step 1 To create a blog on WordPress, first you have to buy a domain and hosting. if you Hostinger If you buy hosting from the company, then you also get a domain absolutely free for one year.

Here you can buy hostinger web hosting by pressing the button given below.

Hostinger is one of the best hosting providers that WordPress also recommends. This is a fast and reliable hosting.


Step 2 After purchasing the domain and hosting, you have to connect both of them. If you buy domain and hosting from the same company then you will not have much problem in connecting.

Step 3 After connecting the domain and hosting, you have to install WordPress in the hosting.

Step 4 Once you have installed WordPress, login to it.

Step 5 Install the necessary plugins for your blog.

WordPress Free Plugin For Blog

Step 7 – Customize your WordPress blog with an attractive and lightweight theme.

Step 8 Start writing articles in WordPress blog.

In this way you can easily create a blog on WordPress. Many people think that creating a blog on WordPress is difficult, but it is not so easy to use WordPress, you can provide an attractive look to your blog by Simple Drag and Drop.

Things to keep in mind to be a successful blog

if you want to become a successful blogger So you have to follow some things, only then you can get success in blogging.

  • Before starting your blog Niche’s Choice do it. Only a right Niche can give you immense success in blogging.
  • Before writing a blog post keyword research Sure, writing a blog post without keyword research is like shooting an arrow in the dark.
  • An SEO friendly article Write. SEO friendly article only ranks in Google and brings traffic to the blog.
  • You must also promote the blog through various mediums.
  • Keep creating backlinks for the blog from time to time.
  • Publish articles in the blog regularly. If there is no continuity in your work then it is almost impossible to get success in blogging.
  • Keep updating old posts.
  • Fix all the errors coming in the blog.

So these were some important points which you always have to keep in mind in blogging career.

How To Earn Money From Blog – Blog Se Paise Kaise Kamaye

There are some important things to earn money from blog, with the help of which you can earn up to lakhs of rupees per month from blog. Let’s know – How to earn money from free blog.

  • Earn money by showing ads on the blog.
  • Earn money by placing Google Adsense ads on the blog.
  • Affiliate any product and earn commission through blog.
  • Earn money by creating an ebook and selling it through a blog.
  • Earn from your blog by accepting guest posts.
  • You can earn money from your blog by writing a sponsor post.
  • for other blogs content writing Make money doing it too.

FAQ Section

How much money does it take to make a WordPress blog?

If you buy hosting from Hostinger then you can create your blog in just Rs 79 per month.

Can a blog be created for free?

Yes, you can create your own blog on Blogger absolutely for free.

Is it necessary to buy a domain to start a blog?

If you create a blog on Blogger, then you get a subdomain for free, if you want, you can connect a custom domain to the Blogger blog. But to create a blog on WordPress, you need both domain and hosting.

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You learned: How to Create a Blog in Hindi

After reading this article you must have learned that Free Me Blog Kaise Banaye, By following the steps mentioned in this article, you can create your blog in both Blogger and WordPress platforms. If you are facing any problem in creating a blog, then you can tell us in the comment box below or you can mail us.

That’s all in this article, I hope you like this article written by us. Blog Kaise Banaye Must have liked, share this article with your friends on social media and also help them in making a blog.

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