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Every day in the country, people have to make many rounds of government offices for caste and native letters. This is an important document which is an important ID of any human being. This certificate of his name is made as soon as he is born. On the basis of this evidence, the government gives special benefits to all of them. To take advantage of any government scheme, it is mandatory for the applicant to submit caste and domicile certificate. The Chhattisgarh government has now started the home access service of the certificate so that people can easily get this certificate. Let us know how you can get this certificate in your own home.

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How to get caste and native letter sitting at home

  • Chhattisgarh Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel has made a big announcement for the common man. The government has announced that now the caste and residence certificates of the people will be delivered to their homes by postal service.
  • The Chief Minister has directed the General Administration Department that this service should be started in all the districts of the state at the earliest. The notice has reached all the collectors so that the work can start soon.
  • Till now, for the caste and domicile certificate, one had to go to the public service center of the district or the Tehsil office in the rural area. Here people had to buy a form and fill it, the cost of this form would have been nominal so that the common man could also buy it easily.
  • After filling the form, it is submitted to the same office, after which the certificate of your name is received in the office itself. There is no information about when he will come to the office, so people have to make many rounds there again and again.
  • The General Administration Department has simplified the service, so that there is no crowd in the center and there is a distance in the center during the Corona period. This step is very commendable in the midst of the epidemic, due to this people will not even leave their homes.

What is the charge for home access service?

If the applicant wants caste or residence proof at home, then he will have to pay an additional fee in addition to the form. Now if someone goes to collect the form, then along with the form, the fee of post office registry will also be charged from you in the center.

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How to apply for caste and domicile letter –

The applicant will have to go to the Public Service Center or Tehsil office with all his information. Whatever proof you want to be made there, take the form from the officer. The officials will also ask you for the post office registry fee along with the form. You fill this form, after which you will also get the slip of the expenditure fee. Keep this slip with you. After some time caste or residence letter will come to your home address by post.

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What are the benefits of getting caste or residence certificate made?

  • Apart from the general category, people of all classes have to get their caste certificate made, so that they have proof that they belong to that caste.
  • To take advantage of government schemes like pension, grant, incentive amount, farmer scheme, it is mandatory to show caste certificate.
  • Apart from the general public, the domicile certificate is also felt by the students. This is necessary at the time of admission in school, apart from this, this proof is also necessary to take advantage of any scholarship scheme.
  • Scheduled Castes, Tribes, Minorities, Other Backward Classes, all of them have to get their caste certificate made. Whereas it is mandatory for every citizen to make a residence certificate.

Many people will benefit from this initiative of the government, their time will be saved. There will be no crowd in the center. Rest of the states of the country should also start this facility.

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