How To Earn Money With Roj Dhan App – How To Earn Money With Roj Earn 99 App

from money how to earn moneyNowadays there are many such online applications through which you can earn money. But there are also many app frauds which cannot be trusted, today we know- RojDhan se paise kaise kamaye.

Today we are going to tell you about an application through which you can really earn money. The name of that application is Roz Dhan.

In today’s article we will tell you What is RozDhan App, How to earn money from RozDhan App are going to give all the information related to which you can also read You can earn money from RozDhan App.

So let’s start without delay, know this article first and foremost. what is roz dhan app ,

RozDhan App Se Paise Kaise Kamaye – Earn Free Money With RozDhan

What is RozDhan App – What is RozDhan App in Hindi

RozDhan App is an Online Money Earning App which means one money making app In which you get to see Trending Articles, Videos, Games. Many types of tasks are also available in this app, on completing which you get money.

RozDhan App In this, you get coins on completing the task, which are converted into money after 12 o’clock in the night. You get 50 rupees only after signing up this app.

RozDhan App Currently available in seven Indian languages. You can choose the language as per your convenience. Through this app you can earn 200 to 500 rupees per day.

Information about RozDhan App

Some important information about RozDhan App –

  • RozDhan App is an Indian App.
  • RozDhan App was launched on 5th August 2018 on Play Store.
  • Right now RozDhan App has more than 10 million active installations in Google Play Store.
  • You can transfer the money earned from RozDhan App to Paytm Wallet.

RozDhan Before knowing about earning money on the app, you have to know about downloading this app and creating an account on it.

Because even when you sign up in this app, you can earn money and if you do not signup with the right process, then money will not come in your wallet.

How to Download RozDhan App

RozDhan App to you Play Store You can easily download from . You search by writing Roz Dhan in the Play Store. Then download the application which you are seeing on the first number. You can also download RozDhan App by clicking on the link given below.

How to Create Account on RozDhan App

Follow the steps given below to create an account on RozDhan App –

Step 1 – When you download RozDhan App and open it, first of all you will be asked to choose language in it. Select whichever language you know well. And after that click on the option with Get the Money.

RojDhan App

Step 2 Now you will be asked to signup in id App from your mobile number or from Google Account, Facebook Account. You signup in this app from mobile number itself.

Step 3 – As soon as you Proceed by entering your mobile number, then an OTP will come on your number. You can successfully login to RozDhan App by verifying that OTP.

As soon as you signup in RozDhan App, you get Rs.25 at the same time. And if you enter the Invitation Code of any of your friends, then you get 30 more rupees. Meaning that as soon as you signup, you get 55 rupees through this app.

RojDhan App Signup and Invite code & Earn

How to use RozDhan App

In Roz Dhan app, you get to see mainly four options –

  • News
  • Earn Money
  • Game
  • Me (Profile)

read these and earn money

Now let us understand these options one by one.

News In this section you will get to see many articles which you can read and share.

Earn Money In this option you will get many types of Task You will get to see which you can win Coin by completing it.

Game In this option, you get many types of games, by playing which you can earn money along with entertainment.

me In this option, you get to see the information related to your Roz Dhan Profile. From here you can also edit your profile.

How To Earn Money For Free With RozDhan App

Friends, you must have understood from the above screenshot that you can earn money everyday with the help of money. Now we will tell you about other ways to earn money from RozDhan App, with the help of which you can earn 200 to 500 rupees a day from this App.

You can also withdraw them if you have Rs.300 in your Roz Dhan Wallet. For this you will need PayTM Account.

let’s know now RozDhan App ways to earn money from about –

Note – In RozDhan App, your earning is in the form of Coin and 250 coin is equal to 1 rupee. The coins you earn are converted into rupees at 12 o’clock in the night.

#1 – Signup and Invite code (by referring)

You get 25 rupees as soon as you sign up in RozDhan App, and if you enter the invite code of any of your friends, then you get 25 or 30 rupees for that too. You can earn 55 rupees as soon as you signup in Roz Dhan app. Signup and Invite code is the best way to earn money on Rozdhan app.

#2 – Invite Friends

You get some money even after adding your friends in RozDhan App. The more friends you connect with this app, the more you can earn from here.

#3 – Earn money everyday from Dhan app by watching video ads

In RozDhan App, you will get the option of Watch Video Ad in the option of Earn Money. You have to click on it and see the ad. You get 5 coins for every single ad view, you can collect 50 coins by watching 10 ads in a day.

#4 – Earn money with RozDhan App by completing tasks

In RozDhan App, you get many tasks in the option of Earn Money, after completing which you can earn coins from RozDhan application.

Prime Task

In Roz Dhan, in the option with Earn Money, you will first get to see the option of Prime Task, in which you will get to see many tasks. You can win coins by completing them. You get some tasks like this –

  • Play Quiz and Earn Coin
  • install app and earn
  • Register on app and earn 1100 coin

You can win Coin from Roz Dhan by playing Quiz, Downloading the App.

Instant Cash Task

In these tasks of RozDhan App, you get money as soon as you complete the task. There will be some applications here which you have to install, after installing the application, some money comes in your wallet. On installing each application, you get 1 to 10 rupees.

New User Task

New user tasks in RozDhan App are only for new users. On completing these tasks, new users can easily earn good coins. Here you will find types of tasks like invite friend, watch video, read notification etc. which you can easily complete and earn money.

High Payout Task

You can earn a lot of coins by completing these tasks of RozDhan App. Although these tasks will be a little difficult, but they are not so difficult that you cannot complete them. You can easily earn 1 thousand to 50 thousand coins from this task.

This is a very good way to earn money from RozDhan App.

#5 – Share Article and Earn Money

In RozDhan App, you will find articles of many different categories, which you can easily win coins by reading and sharing.

By reading the article, your knowledge will also increase and you will also get a chance to earn money. When you go to the News section of this app, then you will get news of Entertainment, Lifestyle, Sports etc. Categoray which you can earn money by sharing on social media.

#6 – Play & Win Games on RozDhan App

On RozDhan App, you also get many games for entertainment, by playing which you can win coins. If you are fond of playing games, then you can also earn money by playing games in this app.

So friends, these were some ways to earn money from RozDhan App, which you can also use to earn money.

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How to Transfer Money from Roz Dhan to Account

To withdraw money from RozDhan App, you need a PayTM Account will be required. If you do not have a PayTM account, then you can create a PayTM account, after that follow the process given below –

  • Step 1 – First of all, you come to the option with Profile and there you will see the option of Withdraw in My balance, click on it.
  • Step 2 After this a new page will open in front of you, select To Paytm Account in it.
  • Step 3 After this, you confirm by entering your name, and your Register Paytm Number. Here you can enter your Register Paytm Number in both the options.

Step 4 – Money will come in your Paytm Wallet as soon as you confirm.

Keep in mind that when you get 300 rupees in your Roz Dhan Wallet, only then you can withdraw them and it may take 5 to 10 working days for money to come in your Paytm Account.

Features of RozDhan App

There are many features of RozDhan App which makes this app special, some of which are as follows –

  • You can earn money by sharing RozDhan App with your friends.
  • In this app you get to read many trending articles which you can earn money by sharing.
  • If you have Rs 300, you can transfer the money earned in it to Paytm Account.
  • With signing up in this app, you get 50 rupees.
  • In this app, you can earn money along with entertainment by playing games,
  • This app supports seven languages ​​which are as follows – Hindi, Marathi, Telugu. Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada, English.

FAQ For RozDhan App in Hindi

Roz Dhan is the application of which country?

Roz Dhan is an Indian application.

When can I withdraw money from Roz Dhan app?

When you have 300 rupees in your wallet, you can withdraw money from Roz Dhan app.

How many coins do you get in Roz Dhan app?

In Rozdhan app, you get 1 rupee of 250 coins.

Is Roz Dhan app right or fraud?

Rozdhan app is absolutely right app, through this you can earn 200 to 500 rupees every day. It has more than 10 million installations in the Google Play Store.

How many languages ​​does Roz Dhan app support?

Roz Dhan app supports seven Indian languages ​​which are as follows – Hindi, Marathi, Telugu. Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada, English.

Conclusion : RozDhan App in Hindi

So friends this was all the information RozDhan App Se Paise Kaise Kamaye, After reading this article you must have understood that What is RozDhan App In Hindi,

You can earn good money from RozDhan App by using the methods mentioned in the above article. You can feel free to use this application and earn money it is a safe app.

I hope this article RojDhan Se paise kaise kamaye You must have liked and found this article useful for you. You can also get this article by sharing it with your friends. Earn money with RozDhan App And help your friends too.

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