How To Earn Money With Dream11 App – Dream11 Se Paise Kaise Kamaye

Dream11 Se Paise Kaise Kamaye: in India Dream11 App There has been an application whose name is known by everyone sports lover. The biggest reason for this application being so popular is that many people have earned crores of rupees from Dream11 App. dream11 a good money making app Is.

Cricket is very popular in India. People interested in cricket try their luck in Dream11 by making a dream team. If you don’t know how to earn money from dream11 app Then you have come to the right article.

In today’s article we are going to tell you that You Dream11 App To How download do Can HuhMILF Dream11 In My account How made Can HuhMILF Dream11 In game How play HuhMILF Dream11 In Point System what IsMILF Dream11 From Pennies How earn And Dream11 From Pennies How remove,

To know about all the things mentioned above, definitely read this article till the end, only then you can know about how to earn money from Dream11. So let’s start this article without delay – How to earn money from Dream11 app in Hindi.

How To Earn Money With Dream11 App - Dream11 App Se Paise Kaise Kamaye HindiMe

Dream11 App Review in Hindi

main point description
Application Name Dream11
Application Category Fantasy Gaming Application
Overall Rating 4.5 / 5 Star
total downloads More than 11 crore users
official website
Minimum Withdrawal Amount 200 rupees
Maximum Withdrawal Amount 2 lakh rupees
Dream11 App Review in Hindi

What is Dream11 (What Is Dream11 In Hindi)

Dream11 is one of the biggest fantasy sports game in India, where you can win money by making teams in sports like cricket, football, hockey, kabaddi, basketball etc. with your game skills. Most people with the help of Dream11 app earn money in IPL,

Dream11 was founded in 2008 by Harsh Jain, Bhavit Seth and Varun Daga. Earlier this game was not very popular but in the last 5 years people started liking Dream11 very much, at present there are more than 110 million users of Dream11.

Dream11 was the main sponsor of IPL in 2020, Dream11 bought IPL sponsorship for about 222 crores. From this you can guess how popular Dream11 is at the present time.

For your information let us know that list of money making games In this we have also included Dream11 app.

Apart from Dream11 Application, there are other sports game apps like – MPL App, 11Wicket App, GameZy App, Paytm First Game And so on.

How to Download Dream11 (Dream11 App Download Kaise Kare)

If you also wish to make money by forming a team in Dream11, then you can also download Dream11. You cannot download Dream11 from play store. To download Dream11, you can easily download Dream11 by searching on Google.

  • You search on Google and come to the official website of Dream11.
  • Now here you will get the option of Download App.
  • When you click to download Dream11 App, a notification will come in your phone (This type of file can harm your device. Do you want to keep dream11.apk anyway) so you have to click on OK button.
  • After the application is downloaded, you have to install it.

In this way you can install Dream11 App in your mobile and earn money by playing Fantasy Game.

How to Create Account in Dream11 (Dream11 Me Account Kaise Banaye)

To create an account on Dream11, you have to follow some easy steps given below.

  • Step 1 – If you have used Dream11 application before then you can directly click on Login, if you are using Dream11 application for the first time then you have to click on Register.

If any of your friends or someone you know has referred you, then you will get 50 rupees for entering the referral code and the one whose referral code you enter also gets a bonus of 50 rupees.

To enter the Referral Code, click on the Have a Referral Code option and put the Referral Code here.

  • Step 2 After clicking on Register, you will have to fill your mobile number, email and set a password, with the help of which you can open your Dream11 ID in any other device as well. (You Facebook either google id You can also create an account on Dream11).
Dream11 App Registration
  • Step 3 After this an OTP will be sent to your registered number, you have to get your mobile number verified by entering the OTP.

After this your account on Dream11 will be ready.

How To Earn Money With Dream11 App (Dream11 Se Paise Kaise Kamaye)

Following are the 2 popular ways to earn money from Dream11 sitting at home –

#1 – Earn Money From Dream11 By Playing Fantasy Games

In Dream11 you can earn money by playing online fantasy games. In this, you have to make a team for the upcoming match. If your team performs well then you can win money. With the help of Dream11 App, many users win crores of rupees every day by playing Fantasy Game. In Dream11, you can earn money by making your team in the games of Cricket, Football, Basketball, Baseball, Handball, NFL and Volleyball.

#2 – Earn Money from Dream11 with Refer and Earn Program

Another way to earn money from Dream11 is Dream11’s Referral Program. If you share Dream11 App to a friend or relative, then you get 50 rupees for a referral. You can earn a lot from Dream11’s Referral. Even if only 4 people sign in to Dream11 with your referral code in a day, then you can easily earn 200 rupees.

How to team up on Dream11

To earn money from Dream11, you have to form a team for the upcoming match. In this you are given 100 credit points from which you have to choose 11 players from both the teams.

You have to choose wicketkeeper, batsman, all-rounder and bowlers in your team. After that you have to choose a captain and a vice captain in your team. Keep in mind that you can choose up to 7 players from a team in this.

  • wicketkeeper – In Dream11 you have to choose a wicketkeeper for your team. From both the teams, you can choose the wicketkeeper you like best.
  • Batsman In this, you have to choose 3-5 batsmen for your team, you can choose the players who are playing well from both the teams.
  • All rounder – You can choose 1-3 all rounder in your team. You can choose the player of your choice from both the teams.
  • Bowler – You can choose 3-5 bowler’s in your team. You have to choose the best player from both the teams.

How to get Points by making a team on Dream11

In Dream11 you get points according to the performance of the players of your team. Different points are available according to batting, bowling and fielding.

Batting points

  • In this, you get one point for every 1 run of your chosen player.
  • If your chosen player hits a four, you will get 0.50 point bonus and separate runs point.
  • If your chosen player rolls six, you get 1 point bonus.
  • If your chosen player scores 50 runs then you will get 4 point bonus.
  • You will get 8 bonus points for scoring 100 runs.
  • If your batsman (only batsman, wicketkeeper and all rounder) gets out on 0 then your 2 points will be reduced.

Bowling Points

  • If your chosen bowler takes a wicket then you get 10 points.
  • If your chosen bowler takes 4 wickets then you will get 4 bonus points.
  • If the bowler takes 5 wickets, you will get 8 bonus points.
  • If your bowler gives 0 runs in an over then you will get 3 bonus points.

Fielding Points

  • If your chosen player takes the catch, then you get 4 points.
  • You will get 6 points for stumping and direct run out.
  • If the two players selected by you run out together, then the player who throws will get 4 points and the player who catches the ball and hits the stump will get 2 points.

Economy rate points –

  • If your bowler bowls at least one over and the economy rate is less than 7 then you will get 6 bonus points.

Other Points system –

  • In this, the captain chosen by you gets 2X and the vice captain gets 1.5X points.
  • Every player you select will get 2 points as soon as the match starts.
  • If the player selected by you is not in the match then you will not get any point.

how to add money in dream11

  • To add money in Dream11, you will see the option of Wallet at the top.
  • Click on it there will be an option of Add Cash.
  • Click on Add Cash.
  • Enter the amount of money you want to add.
  • After this you fill your Date of Birth and Fill.
  • now you Google PayAmazon Pay, Wallet, Card, UPI You can add money from etc to your Dream11 account.

how to withdraw money from dream11

  • To withdraw money from Dream 11, you also have to click on the option of Wallet at the top.
  • Here you have to click on Winning Amount.
  • After this, click on the Withdrawal option.
  • Now you can transfer the money you have won to your Bank Account or Wallet.

Things to keep in mind while withdrawing money from Dream11

  • Your Dream11 account must be verified before requesting withdrawal.
  • You can request for Withdrawal 3 times in a day.
  • You can withdraw maximum Rs 2 lakh in a day from Dream11.
  • You can also withdraw a minimum of 200 rupees from Dream11.
  • To withdraw money from Dream11, you have to give the details of your bank account. In which you will get the name of the bank, name of the branch, name of the account holder, account number and IFSC Code has to be provided.
  • After making the Withdrawal Request, the money will be credited to you within 3 to 5 business days. Bank come into account.

Disclaimer – The game apps mentioned in this article involve financial risk and can be habit-forming. Please play with your own responsibility.

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FAQ For Dream 11 App

Where can I download Dream11?

You can download Dream11 App from the official website of Dream11. You can download Dream11 for both Android and iOS.

Which country’s app is Dream11?

Dream11 is an Indian application. Its founders are Harsh Jain, Bhavit Seth and Varun Daga.

What is the minimum withdrawal amount from Dream11?

You can withdraw a minimum of Rs.200 from Dream11 and a maximum of Rs.2 lakh from Dream11.

Is it safe to use Dream11?

It is absolutely safe to use Dream11 in India. Fantasy Game is Legal in India.

Conclusion: How to earn money from Dream11 in Hindi

In this article, we have shared a lot of information about Dream11, which you must have understood after reading that. Dream11 Se Paise Kaise Kamaye. Dream11 is India’s most popular Fantasy Gaming Application in which crores of people try their luck every day. You too can try your luck and earn money by creating your own dream team in Dream11. Hope you liked this article, do not forget to share this article on social media as well.

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