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Cricket Se Paise Kaise KamayeCricket is a very popular sport in India and almost everyone is interested in cricket, so there are many people in India who earn money from cricket even if they are not professional cricketers. Some even earn crores of rupees from this game. But how do you want to know by playing cricket? how to earn money So read this article till the end.

Even if you know how to play cricket, you can earn money by using our mentioned methods and if you only like to watch cricket then you can earn millions – crores of rupees from cricket through online methods.

In today’s time it is not so difficult to earn money from cricket, talking about online, you will find such games where you get crores of rupees for winning. However, you can earn crores of rupees in cricket even in the wrong way like betting but it is illegal, so we have not told you about such methods in our article.

The methods we have told you about how to earn money from cricket are absolutely legal and you can earn money from cricket by using these methods without fear. So let’s know which of those methods.

how to earn money from cricket - how to earn money from cricket in hindi

Cricket Earning App (Cricket Se Paise Kamane Wala Apps)

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WinZo Game App 500 to 1000 rupees Download
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Cricket Earning App (Cricket Se Paise Kaman Wala Apps)

How To Earn Money By Playing Cricket (Cricket Se Paise Kaise Kamaye)

In this article, we have told you about 2 ways to earn money by playing cricket, online and offline. You can earn good money by playing cricket with the help of both the methods. We have told you in further detail about how to earn money.

#1 – Earn money by playing offline cricket

If you know how to play cricket, then you can form a team in your locality and then play money matches with other teams. And if you win the match then you will get the advantage. But if you lose the match then you can also suffer loss.

For example, if you play a match of 500 – 500 rupees, then you will have 1000 rupees if you win. If you play good cricket then you can play matches for more money than this.

#2 – Earn money by participating in cricket events

Almost every year many cricket tournaments are organized all over India in which Commentator, Scorer and Umpire are required. If you have knowledge of cricket then you can participate in cricket tournament matches and can do umpiring, scoring or commentary.

In the beginning you will get 500 to 1000 rupees for every match and later gradually when you become popular in your area then your fee will increase further.

Later, if you want, you can become a professional umpire or score by doing a course and you can earn lakhs of rupees by working at a good level.

But if you do not know how to play cricket and do not have much knowledge about the rules of the game of cricket, then there is no need to be disappointed because you can also earn money in cricket through online methods, which you will know further in the article.

#3 – Make money from cricket by making a team in Fantasy App

Dream11 All cricket lovers must have heard the name of this game because this is the application that started the fantasy game in India. Dream11 had made crores of users in a very short time and even IPL 2020 was sponsored by Dream11 itself.

In the last article we How to earn money from IPL It was told about it in detail.

The biggest reason for Dream11 reaching this point was that this application used to give crores of rupees to the winning people. So that there was a continuous increase in the users of Dream11. The popularity of Fantasy Game in India grew so much that within a few years many Fantasy Apps were launched in India.

In Fantasy App, you have to use your cricket knowledge to make a best team for the upcoming match, and if the team created by you stays in the first place then you get the most money, the prize money will be in crores also. it occurs.

Since millions of people form teams on Fantasy App, in these applications, not only those who are in the top get money, but more than 10 thousand people are given prize money. This amount is very high for the players at the top, less for the players below that and so on.

So even if your team does not stay at number one in Fantasy App, you still get an opportunity to earn money. The game of cricket runs almost all year round, so Fantasy App is a very good way to earn money from cricket.

Here the Fantasy Sports Application that earns money from cricket is suggested below –

In a previous article we money making game Was told in detail about, with the help of which you can earn money by playing games.

#4 – Earn money from cricket by creating a blog or website

You can also create a blog or website related to cricket and earn money from cricket. Blogging is a very powerful way to earn more money in less time. Best Hindi Blogs & Bloggers of India Earning lakhs of rupees per month from your blog. That’s why you too can earn lakhs of rupees a month by creating a blog related to cricket.

Cricket matches are held every month somewhere in the whole world, so you will never have any shortage of cricket content, if you want, you can easily put 5-7 articles in a day. Because the content does not have to be written very big, you can put small content in your blog regularly.

and then later to your blog Google AdSense You can earn good money by monetizing through it. Google AdSense is not the only way to earn money from blog, apart from this you also have many ways to earn money from blog.

If you also like to watch cricket, then you must make a blog related to cricket. And if you face any problem in creating a blog then visit our website Techshole By going to the Blogging category, you can read articles related to blogging.

#5 – Earn money from cricket by creating a YouTube channel

Another best way to earn money online from cricket YouTube Channel is. Just as you start a blog related to cricket, in the same way you can also start a YouTube channel related to cricket. Content in YouTube is in Video Form.

In your YouTube channel, you can analyze matches, you can tell about upcoming matches, you can tell about cricket news, etc. There are many types of content available related to cricket.

So even if you create a YouTube channel related to cricket, you can earn good money. But to create a YouTube channel, you should also have knowledge of cricket.

Conclusion: how to earn money from cricket in hindi

In this article, we told you about the best ways to earn money from cricket, some of which are online and some are offline. If you like playing cricket more than watching then you can earn money from cricket through offline methods and if you are not much interested in playing then you can earn lakhs of rupees a month from cricket by online methods also.

Hope you have liked this article written by us on how to earn money from cricket, do share this article with your cricket lover friends too.

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