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There are only a few such apps for editing videos from mobile, through which you can do Professional Video Editing and in that the name of VN Video Editor App comes in the first place. if you VN App Download If you want to do this then definitely read this post completely.

Whether you want to start a YouTube Channel or make videos on Instagram Reels, then you will need a Video Editor App to make videos on all these platforms. Google Play Store has many apps available for this work, out of which it is considered to be the best app and this app is also free, that is why people like to use it more.

if you are like Best Video Editor For Android If you were searching about, then now your search ends here because through the app mentioned in today’s post, you will know about the Professional Level app and with the help of that you can earn money too.

What is VN Video Editor App?

VN App is a Video Editor App which is used for editing videos from mobile, this app can be used on all these devices Android, ios, Mac and Windows. The work of any Video Editor App is to apply Trim, Split, Text Add, Transition to the video.

You can do all that with this Free App, here you will get any kind of watermark will not be available before Kinemaster – Video Editor People used to use it, now they have started using it in its place.

Because there are many such features in it, which you get only in Free Version, in order to use them in the rest of the application, you have to take Paid Version.

This app is mostly used for Color Grading in the video, in this you get many such presets, after applying which the color of the video becomes very good.

VN Video Editor Features:

If we talk about the features of this app, then this post can be very lengthy, that’s why you will be told only about the main features. From here you will know why it is special from other Editing Wale Apps.

  • With the help of this app, you can edit videos for all platforms like YouTube, Instagram Reels, Facebook because here you are given Frame Ratios for almost all.
  • If you want to add a font while editing a video, then you can download it from the Internet and import it into VN App.
  • If you want to do color grading in your video, then many presets are given for that.
  • FX can also be added to improve the video, which today people use a lot on Instagram Reels.
  • Slow-Motion Video Editing is considered to be a much better app.
  • This app is best for making Beat-Match or Beat Sync Video.
  • If you want to add any music in the background of the video, then for that Music Library There will be no copyright on the music used from here.
  • If you want to join two videos together or put a photo on a video, then you can use VN App for that.
  • In VN App’s Timeline Multi Layer Support With the help of which you can add Image, Text, Video and Music to all of them.
  • If someone does not know much about video editing, then Pre-Ready Templates are given in this, you can edit your video using them.
  • With this app you can export High Quality Video, from here up to 4K 60FPS can be exported.

So friends, these were some of the main features of this app which you must have known, without them you cannot get complete information about this app.

How to download VN App?

App Name VN Video Editor Maker VlogNow
Categories Multimedia & Video Editing
Latest Version 2.0.5
developer Ubiquiti Labs, LLC
Total Downloads 100 Million+
ratings 4.4 Ratings
Download Link Click Here

After knowing so much about this app, your mind must be thinking about downloading it, then let me tell you that as I told you that this app is absolutely free, then you can download it. Google Play Store You can download from here only.

Then you are told below how to download VN App: –

  • If you want to download it in Android Mobile then go to “Google Play Store” and if you want to use VN App in ios device then go to “App Store”.
  • Now you will get search box in both by clicking on it VN Video Editor Search by writing.
  • Then a list of apps will appear in front of you, at the top of which will be the original VN App, click on its name.
  • After that there will be Install Button, click on it and it will start downloading in your mobile and after that it will be installed automatically.

You can use this method to download VN App in Android and ios Device, if you download it from any Third Party App or Site, then there is a fear of Data Leak of your mobile.

That’s why you can always download it from Google Play Store or App Store. download Do.

VN App Download For PC

How to download VN App in Computer / PC or Laptop? Surely this question must have come in your mind too, so let us know what will have to be done to download VN App in computer.

There are two most famous operating systems in laptops.

1) Windows and 2) Mac So some time back, VN App has released its Mac version, with the help of which you will be able to use VN App in your Mac as well.

For this, you do not need to do much, only you go to site and there you will get the download link for this Mac Version, by clicking on which you can download it for your Mac Laptop / Desktop.

But for use in Windows, VN App has not released it on the Microsoft Store of Windows, but still we windows computer VN App can be used in / Laptop.

So for this you can follow the steps given below:-

Download BlueStacks

  1. First of all, you download BlueStacks Emulator on your computer, for which you have to go to site.
  2. You download it from the site mentioned by us, after which it will be found in your Downloads folder.
  3. Now you have to install this, the process which may take some time to complete.
  4. As soon as it is installed, it will start automatically.

Install VN App Video Editor

  1. After this Bluestacks is started, you will see that the whole interface will be like an Android Mobile and you will get Google Play Store in the same.
  2. From there you have to download VN App.
  3. Then it will be added to your BlueStacks App List, now you can use it by turning it on.
  4. But before that you have to transfer all the recorded videos from your mobile or camera to Bluestack’s Media Files.

How to use VN App?

Most people are using VN App for this reason because its interface is very simple, if you also want to edit your YouTube Videos or Instagram Reels through this app, then we have given you further information for that.

Look, when you use it for the first time, you may not understand some things, that’s why you don’t have to worry, as you use it daily, you can learn to use it on your own.

Step 1:- To edit video, first you start VN App.

Step 2:- Then you will get a Plus Icon first in this app by clicking on it New Project Have to start.

Step 3:- Now after selecting whatever video you want to edit, click on Next.

click on arrow button to start editing on VN

Step 4:- Here now you will get VN App Timeline Show, if you want to cut a video, click on the Timeline containing the video and click on Split wherever you want to cut it.

start editing on VN

After doing this, your video will be divided into two parts, now whatever was the unnecessary part, click on it and delete it.

Step 5:- If you want to apply any filter on that video, then below you will get the option of Filter, click on it and select the Filter of your choice and apply it.

Step 6:- If you make any mistake in the video or want to remove the filter that was applied, then Undo / Redo are given for that, you can use them.

Step 7:- Similarly, you can add Text, Music or any Photo in your video or if you want to make the video Slow or Fast then go to the Speed ​​option.

Using Curve, you can slow down or fast the speed of the video.

Step 8:- Now comes the most important task to save or export the edited video, if you are editing the video now and it is not yet completely edited, then in this situation you can save the video. Later, whenever you get time, you can open that project and edit it again from there itself.

And if your video is completely edited, then for that you have to export the video, then you can export the video by clicking on the export icon given at the top.

Now set whatever setting you want to export video in Export Settings, from here video can be rendered at maximum 4K 60FPS.


If you want to learn video editing completely with the help of this app, then for that you must watch the video given below.

VN Video Editor – Complete Video Editing MASTERCLASS – ( Android, IOS & MAC ) – NSB Pictures

VN Editor vs Kinemaster

When the VN App was not released, everyone’s favorite video editor app was Kinemaster, whoever used mobile to edit YouTube videos, used Kinemaster only.

But ever since this VN App came, slowly people are starting to use it because there was a problem of Watermark in Kinemaster, to remove which you had to buy Paid Version or you download Kinemaster Mod APK in which your data There was also the fear of getting leaked.

So this is the reason why people started using VN App more and it is much better than Kinemaster, with the help of this you can do Professional Level Video Editing.

If you want to make your career in Freelance, then the best video editing skill is for that, you can start with VN App and create your portfolio by editing people’s reels videos.

With the help of which you later learned video editing of good level, then you can earn lakhs of rupees by editing big projects.

So whoever compares these two apps between me and other people, clearly Winner VN App will be there.

Final Words:-

I hope that you will like this post of ours, in which we have given you complete information about VN App, such as how to download VN App, VN App Download For pc, etc. We have given you this type of information in this post.

If you have any question or suggestion related to this, then you can tell us by writing in the comment box below, your question will definitely be answered.

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