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How to Get Covid Vaccine Certificate Online in Hindi (in India, Kaise Download kare, Nikale, without and with Beneficiary ID, with Mobile Number, in Digilocker) , Without Reference Number, From Cowin, Arogya setu App, PDF, by Aadhar Number)

Covid vaccination is now gradually increasing its pace. Because it has now been opened for persons in the age group of 18 to 45 years. Due to which many people have got corona vaccine till now. The main issue of the vaccination campaign is to free this country from Corona so that the country can be freed from this epidemic.

what is covid vaccine certificate

Kovid Vaccine Certificate is that certificate which you may need anytime in the future. Because on this basis, now you will be able to travel in any country or any state of your country. That’s why it is very important to take care of it. On the basis of this, the government will allow you to go ahead. Let us tell you that this is not only a vaccine certificate, but it is a kind of certificate, on the basis of which you can assess your future life. Because only on the basis of this certificate, you will be able to do a job anywhere, as well as it may be needed for government works in the coming times.

covid vaccine why certificate is important

Now a question must be arising in your mind that what is the proof that you have got vaccinated. Or how will the government know how many people have been vaccinated. So let us tell you that the government has issued a certificate which is being received after getting vaccinated. There is also a question in the minds of the people that all the work of this vaccination is being done online, so it is not possible that the vaccination gets done and people do not get the certificates related to it. So in such a situation, let us inform them that it is not so, if you have got the vaccination done, then you will definitely get its certificate. Because this will be your proof that you have got the vaccination done, seeing which you will also be given the second dose of the vaccine. Because on the basis of this you will get your name registered in the data of the government.

Incentive to get Covid vaccine

Those who are not getting this vaccine, tell them that it is very important, otherwise you will not be able to go out anywhere. Campaigns have also been launched to motivate people to get the corona vaccine, and if you are thinking that the vaccine has no effect, then let us tell you that by getting the corona vaccine, you will protect yourself and your family. Will be able to keep.

When is the Kovid Vaccine Certificate received?

You will get the certificate of Covid vaccination after 30 minutes of vaccination. Because they will take so much time to update your data. As long as you are in the center, you will have that certificate in your phone. Sometimes it may be delayed due to network issues. Because online work gets delayed many times, and sometimes it happens that the Aadhaar number given by you gets delayed. But don’t worry you will get it in time. However, you can get it anytime after getting vaccinated through Arogya Setu app or Covin app. In today’s time, you may have to show the certificate received anywhere. Because through this it will be known that you have got corona vaccine.

how to get covid vaccine certificate

You will neither have to visit the government office nor need anyone’s recommendation for the Covid vaccination certificate. For this you just have to wait for an SMS which you will receive while waiting in the center. After that you just have to click on the link given on it and check your certificate. It will be linked to your Aadhaar and your phone number, so you can see it anytime and anywhere. If you want, you can check it on Aarogya Setu app or Covin app. Easy, can be done anywhere anytime. Through this you can register for the second dose. Because you will get the second dose only when you show the certificate of the first dose there.

how to download covid vaccine certificate

You can download it from Aarogya Setu app or Covin app. For this, you have to click on the link on the message which will take you to the ID of that app. Where the download option will come from which you can download its certificate. Similarly, you can download this certificate by entering your number on the Arogya Setu app. You will get this in PDF file which you can save and keep, on this all the information related to you will be deposited in the government’s account. So whenever you want you will be able to check this certificate. Along with this, you will also be able to check when you have to take the second dose. Because it will contain all the information related to you. This certificate gives proof that you have taken a step forward towards making the country free from Corona. Some other methods to download it are as follows –

without beneficiary id

If you want to get your covid vaccine certificate, then you will only need a copy of your Aadhaar card for this. Apart from this you do not need to give anything. Then when you download your certificate through Covin App or Arogya Setu App, you will have to give your Aadhaar number.

With Beneficiary ID

If you have Beneficiary ID which you would have got during your registration. So you can download the certificate through that also.

through mobile number

If you want to download your Covid Vaccine Certificate through your mobile number, then for this you have to enter your registered mobile number. After which your certificate in PDF form will be downloaded in your device.

no reference number Through

If you have registered yourself for Kovid vaccine registration with any of your reference number, then you can extract your vaccination certificate using this number. You should have that reference number saved.

Aadhar Card through the numbers

Aadhaar card is such a document that you need everywhere. Let us tell you that it is needed here too. If you do not have a mobile number, you can download this certificate by selecting the option of your Aadhaar card number and entering your Aadhaar number.


Q: What is the benefit of downloading the Corona Vaccine Certificate?

Ans: By keeping this, you will have proof that you have got corona vaccine.

Q: Where will the Corona Vaccine Certificate be seen?

Ans: This certificate will be seen while traveling outside the country and while visiting the states of our country.

Q: How can you download the Corona Vaccine Certificate?

Ans: You can download it by going to Aarogya Setu app or Covin app.

Q: Where does one need to go for the certificate of corona vaccine?

Ans: For this you do not need to go anywhere, you can download it from any app like Aarogya Setu, Covin or Umang.

Q: What are the benefits of getting corona vaccine?

Ans: By getting this installed, you can improve your and your family’s future.

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