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Have you ever checked the speed of your internet connection? Because there are many such Internet Service Providers. Which do not give you the right Internet Speed. to check speed Best Internet Speed ​​Checker Tool Ookla is considered the same. so let’s go back How to do Ookla Speed ​​Test? Know complete information about it.

Until recently, internet was used only in mobiles and computers. But now slowly everything is getting connected to the Internet such as Smart TV, Smart Watch, Speaker, CCTV Camera, Bulb Fan etc. There are more things than this. Which we can connect to the Internet.

To connect so many things to the Internet at once, you will need a High Speed ​​Internet Connection. There is only one way to check whether the internet connection you have taken is correct or not. that you can access it from your mobile or computer OOkla Internet Speed ​​Check Do it

How to do Ookla Speed ​​Test?

Whenever it comes time to check internet speed. So at this time on everyone’s tongue Ookla Speed ​​Test The name of the name comes because of this reason. Because this tool shows you absolutely accurate internet speed. Now those who must have been using it for a long time, they know about it very well.

Still most of the people are using mobile network to access the internet. The biggest reason for this is that even moving from one place to another in the mobile network can use the same internet connection. when Wifi Connection To use the Internet, we have to live within a certain distance.

If you are using the Internet from a mobile network or High Speed ​​Internet Wifi Connection is installed for use in both Ookla Internet Speed ​​Test The way to do it is the same.

how to check internet speed

Step 1: First of all in your mobile or computer Google Chrome Browser Turn it on.

Step 2: Now by going to the URL box of the browser Search by writing.

Step 3: After this the page of Ookla Internet Speed ​​Test will open.

Step 4: Any Internet Service Provider you have a connection to and the server that you have will have been given information about it.

Step 5: on top of GO It will be written, click on it.

OOkla Internet Speed ​​Test

Step 6 : After this there will be a small key processing where your internet connection will be Download & Upload Speed ​​Check Will.

Step 7 : After all this, whatever result will be there, you will be shown on that page.

An important information is given on a result page, in which it is told that in which application or software you may have problems with this internet, like when I check internet speed, then I Instagram, GTA 5 And reporting the problem with Microsoft Teams.

You must have asked some people that when we got internet connection, the person who installed the internet had told that you will get 200 Mbps internet speed with this plan but when we download any file then at that time 20- Only 25Mbps speed is available for viewing.

This happens because of this so that the internet connection can be maximum, you can use it. Marketing Terms You can also say that because that 200Mbps means only 25MBPS, even if you see, you are not doing any fraud with people, they are only doing a clickbait so that more and more customers take their internet connection.

Note:- To find the correct internet speed, divide the speed which is being told to you by 8. For example, if I take 100Mbps internet connection, then I will be able to get Ookla Internet Speed ​​of 12.5MBPS only.

How to check internet speed in mobile?

You must have seen in the mobile of many of your people that when they use internet in their mobile, the notification bar above shows whatever internet speed they are getting, in this way if you also want to install it in your mobile then it is very Simple thing.

Nowadays in almost every mobile you will get to see this setting, I am using Xiaomi mobile here, that’s why in Xiaomi mobile Internet Speed ​​Meter I am going to tell about how to enable Enable.

  • For this, all Xiaomi Mobile users should open the settings of their mobile.
  • At the top of Settings you will see a search box there “Show Connection Speed” Search by writing.
  • Now here you have to click on the second number option on which “Show Connection Ookla Speed” is written.
  • Only after doing this, the internet speed will start showing in the status bar above.

This method will be able to be used only for those people who Xiaomi We are using mobile and other people do not need to be worried, after this we have also told about an application using which you can see the internet speed of the mobile.

Internet Speed ​​Checker Apps

This app can be very useful for those people who want to see the internet connection speed in their mobile. Have used it, that too will be known.

For this, you just have to download a small application which will be easily available on Google Play Store, the size of the application is not too big, it will probably be less than 5MB.

Ookla Internet Speed ​​Meter APK Download to you Google Play Store After that, search there by typing the name of this application and then download the first application.

As soon as the application is downloaded, you leave this application running only once, apart from this there will be no need to leave any setting, only after doing this the internet speed will start showing on the status bar.

Friends, here we have told you 3 ways to see the speed of the internet, the question of many people was coming on this blog of ours. How to do Ookla Speed ​​Test? For you guys, we wrote this post in which How to check internet speed Well explained about.

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