How to create your account in Gmail Gmail account kaise banaye step by step in Hindi – Deepawali

How to create your account in Gmail. How to make (create) Email/Gmail account or Gmail ID?

Internet is used for almost all kinds of tasks in the immediate time, there are many such websites, in which you can do whatever you want, but to do all these tasks, these websites often ask you for your email. If you are working in any office also, then you have to give your email, so that people can send the necessary official data to you on email. That’s why it is very important to have email in today’s time. Most people often use Gmail for email. Gmail is a very reliable email website. All the necessary information for creating email is being given here. You can create a Gmail account using these information.

Simple process of creating a Gmail account (How to make Gmail account in Hindi)

  • To create Gmail, first you have to visit Gmail’s official website, either Or you can go to its official website by searching Google.
  • On the official website page of Gmail, you get the option of sign in. Along with this option, there is also an option of ‘Create an account’. Since you do not have a Gmail account yet, you will have to select the option ‘Create an account’.