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Rajya Sabha Election in Hindi In the Constitution of India, the Rajya Sabha was first formed on April 3, 1952. The Rajya Sabha was first convened on 13 May 1952, headed by the then Vice-President. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan had done. The total number of members of Rajya Sabha is 250, and now according to the new rule this number has increased to 245. Out of which the President has the right to elect 12 members.

Structure/number related to Rajya Sabha (Process for Election/Nomination)

All the members of Rajya Sabha are appointed for a total of 6 years. 1/3 of the total members present in the Rajya Sabha, who have any responsibility or office, become free from their office after 1 year. To fill these vacant positions and to take charge again, re-elections are held on these posts, and the vacant seats are filled. If a member resigns before the completion of this time or he dies untimely, then in such a situation there is a provision for by-election to fill the post again.

Rajya Sabha meetings are held twice a year, and there is a difference of about 6 months between these two meetings. A session of the Rajya Sabha is called only when the Lok Sabha is in session. But if there is a state of emergency in the country and the Lok Sabha is dissolved, in such a situation a special session of the Rajya Sabha can be called.

Constitution of Rajya Sabha (How are Rajya Sabha Members Elected):

In our country, the Rajya Sabha is constituted by 250 members. Out of these 250 members, 12 are elected by the President, and the remaining 238 are elected by the members of the State and Legislative Assemblies. The members who are elected by the President are selected from amongst persons having special experience in the fields of literature, society, science and art etc. Another 238 members are elected from different states according to the population present there. The general election of the members of the Rajya Sabha is done by the legislators of the region, so it can be said that we elect the legislators of the region and the legislators of the members of the Rajya Sabha.

Whichever political party rules the state, it sends more and more of its MPs to the Rajya Sabha so that they can elect their members. The calculation of the vote of an MLA present in the Rajya Sabha is done as follows.

Value of one vote of MLA = Total population of the state / Total number of non-elected members *1000

Various office bearers of Rajya Sabha (Rajya sabha members):

  • Chairman: Here the Vice President of India is the Chairman of the Rajya Sabha. The Chairman of the Rajya Sabha conducts the Rajya Sabha, and the responsibility of maintaining discipline in the House is also the responsibility of the Chairman. It is the Chairman who gets the new members of the Rajya Sabha to be sworn in and performs all his duties.
  • Deputy Chairman : One of the members present in the Rajya Sabha is elected as the Deputy Speaker. When the Speaker is absent in the House, the Deputy Speaker performs the duties of the Speaker.

Whenever both the Chairman and the Deputy Chairman of the House are not present in the House, then in such a case that person discharges the functions of the Chairman, whose name is directed by the President.

Number of members present in Rajya Sabha from different states:

state name member number
Andra Pradesh 11
Arunachal Pradesh 1
Assam 7
A state in Eastern India 16
Chhattisgarh 5
Goa 1
Gujarat 11
Haryana 5
Himachal Pradesh 3
Jammu and Kashmir 4
Jharkhand 6
Karnataka 12
Kerala 9
Madhya Pradesh 11
Maharashtra 19
Manipur 1
manghalaya 1
Mizoram 1
Nagaland 1
Delhi 3
Odisha 10
Pondicherry 1
Punjab 7
Rajasthan 10
Sikkim 1
Tamil Nadu 18
Telangana 7
Tripura 1
Uttar Pradesh 31
Uttarakhand 3
West Bengal 19
President nominated member 12

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