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Honesty is the highest policy Honesty Is The Best Policy

honesty is the supreme policy

Honesty Is The Best Policy In Hindi

There was a person named Rahul. was very serious in nature. He had completed his studies but had no job. Day and night he used to wander here and there in search of work. Rahul was also an honest man, that’s why he was finding it difficult to get work. The days were so bad that he had to work. He no longer had any option for livelihood. Rahul was well educated which was clearly evident from his behavior.

One day Rahul was working as a laborer at a Seth’s house. Seth’s attention was only on Rahul. Seth was understanding that Rahul is an educated and intelligent boy, but due to the circumstances, he has to do such wage work. Seth needed an honest person for his special work. He thought of taking Rahul’s test.

One day he called Rahul to him and gave him fifty thousand rupees in which there were so many notes and said brother, you seem honest, give this money to one of my merchants. Rahul delivered the money honestly.

the other day,

The merchant again gave money to Rahul, this time he told Rahul without counting the money, count it yourself and give it to the merchant. Rahul worked honestly.

Seth already used to keep counting money in the galley, but he wanted to test Rahul’s honesty. Every day that Seth used to send him money.

Rahul’s financial condition was very bad. One day his destiny was shaken and he stole the money. Seth came to know about it, but Seth did not say anything. Sent again to give money to Rahul. Rahul’s courage increased when Seth did not say anything. He started stealing daily.

Seth hoped that Rahul would tell him the truth but Rahul did not. One day Seth fired Rahul from work. Actually Seth was looking for a support for his life. He didn’t have any children. Knowing Rahul as innocent, he thought of taking his test. If Rahul had spoken the truth, Seth would have handed over his shop to him.

When Rahul came to know about this, he felt very sad and accepted that in any situation, honesty is the highest policy.

Friends, no matter how far a person comes, one should not leave the company of honesty. Honesty is the earning of life which is difficult but never gives wrong end.

I will give you one example of mine. When I started blogging, I used to tell my every mistake to my boss. I never hid anything from him for fear of scolding. Sometimes made very big mistakes and scolded a lot but never hidden the result was that all the people who started working with me were fired within a few days but I was never fired despite making mistakes | On the contrary, my work and responsibilities were increased as per the requirement. Because of my honesty, I get to learn something new everyday.

The chain of my mistakes continues even today, due to which I can also be removed, but due to honesty, those mistakes of mine are avoided by laughing.

On the basis of my life experience, I will tell all of you that Honesty is the Best Policy.

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