Hollywood actor’s handiwork exposed, rape with wife… tried to kill brother, started laughing when caught

Mumbai: Hollywood actor Orlando Brown Arrest has been arrested by the police on charges of domestic violence. The actor is accused of assault and rape by his wife. It is being said that Orlando was arrested after the Lima Police Department of Ohio received a complaint call. After the arrest, Orlando started behaving strangely. He can be seen laughing while in police custody.

Orlando is best known for the Disney show That’s So Raven. After his arrest, where some people are expressing surprise, some are targeting him for assaulting and raping his wife. According to the TMG report, Orlando Brown has been living in Ohio for the past few months, where a complaint call was received against him at the police station.

While talking to the police, Orlando’s brother Matthew claimed that he allowed Orlando to stay in his house only so that he would not have to live on the road. But, he was continuously behaving lifeless for the last few days. In such a situation, even Matthew could not understand what happened to Orlando.

According to Mathew, brother Orlando was also accused of rape by his wife, on which the actor got so angry that he proceeded to kill her with a hammer and knife. But, he could not kill and then put the weapons back. Earlier in 2018 too, Orlando was in discussion. He was arrested by the police several times this year for different reasons. From theft to possession of drugs, many serious allegations were leveled against the actor.

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