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Story of Dhruv Tare (Dhruva Tara Kahani) | How a small child does penance and finds a place in the lap of God and becomes immortal | This story was told to me by my grandfather in my childhood. Today I am sharing with all of you.

Pole Star

Dhruva Tara story

King Utanpad was the son of Manu, the son of Brahma. He was married to a very beautiful girl whose name was Suniti. The king loved his wife very much but she had no child, so the queen asked the king to marry another. The king loved his wife very much, so he refused and said that your place will be reduced by the arrival of another wife, to which Suniti said, I believe in you, this will not happen. The king had to obey Suniti’s stubbornness and got married for the second time. His second wife’s name was Suruchi. When Suruchi came to the palace after marriage. Then he came to know about the king’s first wife. After knowing this, Suruchi told Uttanpad – until your first wife leaves the forest, she will not enter the palace. Hearing this, Suniti herself left the palace and went to live in the forest.

After some time, Raja goes to the forest for hunting and gets injured. When Suniti comes to know about this, she brings Raja to her cottage and treats him. The king stays with his first wife for many days. During that time, Suniti becomes pregnant and gives birth to a son, Ratna, who is named Dhruv, about whom the king does not know.

After a few days, the king goes to his palace. There also Queen Suruchi is blessed with a son named Ratna who is named Uttam.

After some time King Uttanpad comes to know about Dhruva, he requests Queen Suniti to come to the palace but she does not come. Used to send Dhruv to the palace sometimes. Seeing all this, Queen Suruchi starts hating Dhruv. One day Dhruva sits on the lap of his father Uttanpad. Seeing this Queen Suruchi gets angry and she pushes him and calls him abusive and insults him by calling him the son of an abandoned woman.

Little Dhruv comes to the hut and narrates the entire incident to his mother. Then mother Suniti explains to him. Son, if someone says bad, don’t say bad to him in return. This will only harm you. If you want to sit in your father’s lap with respect, then worship Lord Vishnu, he is the father of the world. If you want to sit, then sit on his lap.

This thing sits in the mind of child Dhruv. And he goes to bathe on the banks of the Yamuna with this attitude. Narad Muni comes there after knowing his mood and he tells Dhruva the method of devotion to God, after knowing which Dhruva gets engrossed in harsh penance. Stands for many months and does penance. Sometimes he does penance in water and sometimes by standing on one finger. Continuous chanting of Om Namo Vasudevaya starts echoing in the whole universe. Seeing this intense penance of a small child, God appears to him. My mother says that you are the father of this universe. That’s why I want to sit on your lap. The Lord fulfills his wish and blesses him to become a star who will be more superior than the seven sages. From that day till today the pole star is shining in the north direction in the sky.

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