Guru Graha: Progress stops due to the badness of Guru Graha, there is also a possibility of these diseases


If the planet Jupiter is in a debilitated position or there is a Jupiter defect, then first of all your education gets affected.
If your Guru is bad then you also do not get money easily.

Guru Graha Negative Effects: Jupiter i.e. Jupiter is considered an important planet in astrology. The planet Jupiter is considered responsible for auspicious works. With the positive effect of Jupiter, a person gets fame, fame, knowledge etc. everything. But if the same Jupiter is in a bad position in a person’s horoscope, that is, his position is weak or Jupiter is causing defects, then it creates many problems for the person. Astrologer of Tirupati Dr. Krishna Kumar Bhargava Let us know what problems can be faced by humans due to the bad position of Jupiter.

Negative effects of malefic Jupiter
1. If Jupiter is in a debilitated position in your Kundli or if there is Guru Dosha, then first of all your education gets affected. You get education with great difficulty or you are not able to complete it. Due to the planet Jupiter, education and knowledge is attained.

2. If there is a malefic effect of Jupiter, then obstacles arise in a person’s marriage and there can be problems in his married life.

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3. Due to the badness of the Guru, a person can become sanskar and characterless. He does not get fame by his own actions, nor does he get success in his actions. The work he goes to do, there are many types of obstacles in it.

4. If your Guru is bad, then you do not get money easily, nor do you have great cooperation in any work. The side effect of this planet is such that a person can also lose his gold. Losing gold ornaments means that your guru is bad.

5. Due to the badness of the Guru, there can be problems related to children. You get betrayed by people. There may be some defect in the house. Not only this, unnecessarily the list of your opponents and enemies can be huge.

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6. Due to the weakness of the Jupiter, the person gets health related problems. You may be troubled by stomach, breath and lung problems.

7. If Jupiter conjoins with Mercury, Rahu and Saturn, then you may suffer from blood disorders, dysentery, spinal pain, etc. Due to these planets, you may have asthma, headache, neck pain etc.

Remedies for Jupiter
To strengthen the planet Jupiter, you should fast on Thursday. Guru’s seed mantra should be chanted and Dev Guru Brihaspati should be worshipped.

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